Women on the Frontlines of Peace

New York, December 9, 2020

The invaluable contributions of women to peace received a major international push twenty years ago, when the United Nations Security Council adopted a landmark resolution that boosted their impact on the geopolitical landscape.

In October 2000, the Council unanimously adopted Resolution 1325, which paved the way for women to intensify their engagement in promoting peace, resolving conflicts and helping to secure long-term stability across the world.

Since then, the United Nations has dramatically increased the number of women peacekeepers who play diverse roles in some of the toughest theatres of conflict on the planet. To mark the 20th anniversary of Resolution 1325, hear the perspectives of two female field workers on how women can transform peace missions, transcend differences and usher in a more secure future for all.

(This video is part of the UN in Action TV Series programme)


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