Ralph Bunche: Hero for Justice

“This was one of my early experiences with the more subtle aspects of racial attitude,” says African-American hero and United Nations legend Dr. Ralph Bunche, recalling a time his grandmother spoke out against racism he faced.

A strong ally of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr. Bunche was the first African-American to win the Nobel Peace Prize and Dr. King the second. Beyond accolades, their legacy of solidarity endures.

The two men held a landmark meeting in 1967, one year before the assassination of Dr. King. Hear from Andrew Young, who was present then as a young activist and went on to become the first African-American Ambassador from the United States to the United Nations.

See how racism in Washington DC prompted Dr. Bunche to turn down an offer from the US State Department and instead pursue a career at the United Nations.

And learn how this pioneer peacemaker went from experiencing racism in his own life to blazing a trail of justice for others around the world.

Source: UN Video

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