Ufx EmaginE
Ufx EmaginE

UF Group to launch E box for movies on demand, online shopping, e-learning

Chennai, February 1, 2012

The UF Group, whose Southern Digital Screenz is the southern franchisee of UFO Moviez, is planning to launch a next generation E box called Ufx EmaginE that will offer to customers movies on demand, media player, social networking, video conferencing, online shopping an e-learning and other features.

The product will be launched in collaboration with Malaysia-based companies Select-tv and Creative Experience Sdn Bhd.
A press release from the company said that, over the last few years, Southern Digital Screenz had changed the way movies are being screened in the theaters. "Through a centralized server, they are able to screen movies in digital quality across 1200 plus theaters. These movies are delivered to cinemas through satellite downloads. The digital mechanism of movie screening has not only changed the quality but has also plugged piracy to a greater extent," it said.
The release said the E-box had a library of over 4000 movies covering 36 languages. It has direct access to 3000 live radio stations and music portals around the globe. Browsing the internet is made possible along with access to unlimited user generated videos. 
It said the E box contains a cloud gaming device that has a library of 150 games. There is also an E learning facility installed, that has an interactive learning platform for students from pre-school to post-graduation. 
"With a year's warranty, EmaginE comes in two versions, one for home users and another for hotels and commercial users. The E-Box for home version costs Rs 6999 (that includes a security deposit of Rs 3000) and a three month subscription of Rs. 300 (Rs. 100 a month)," the release said.
Usman Fayaz, Chairman, UFX Ventures Private Limited, said, 'Now subscribers can get endless entertainment at the click of a button. Ufx EmaginE will soon be available throughout the country through a vast network of distributors appointed for each district and sub- distributors appointed for each pin code.
"Plans are afoot to launch this first-of-its-kind user-friendly product all across the country. With this, entertainment as well as utility services will reach homes at the click of a button. We also intend to make our product available globally in the next two years," he said.
The release said Ufx EmaginE does not contain any form of native storage and works entirely on a streaming mechanism, which will help curb piracy to a great extent and the pay-per-view model will enable immediate settlement to vendors, movie producers, distributors and sub-distributors through the payments gateway's I cash Card mechanism duly certified by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which ensures total transparency and safety for content providers. The box connects via internet connection.
As for the hospitality industry, Ufx EmaginE will help hotels upgrade the quality of service, enhance the customer experience, and generate healthy revenues. The E-Box combines crucial elements of hospitality and elegant interface designs to deliver a positive user experience.It offers a host of unique features like Movies on Demand, Music on Demand, Unique Greeting Screen, In-room shopping, Alarms and Reminders, Tour excursions, Internet on TV, Choice of 15 languages, and so on, the release said.
"So, hotels can get set to impress, serve, inform, and entertain guests like never before," the release added.

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