World Archery refuses to recognize Archery Association of India

By Harpal Singh Bedi/NetIndian News Network

New Delhi, June 20, 2019

World Archery (WA) has refused to  recognize either of the two  associations claiming to be  Archery Association of India (AAI) and warned that the Indian federation will be suspended in case its internal issues are not resolved by the end of July.
The two associations were formed after elections held in Delhi and Chandigarh on June 9
At a meeting held in Den Bosch, the WA Executive Board said that "none of the two elections held is considered as valid" and that it would not accept representatives of both factions as legal representatives of AAI.
Further, WA deactivated India's member association account for modification of entries as India did not have any legal representation in the world body.
It also listed strict guidelines for making changes to the country's final entries for World Cup Stage IV in Berlin (July 1-7) and Tokyo test event (July 11-18) and for accepting entries for the World Youth Championships in Madrid (August 19-25).
WA will monitor the situation until July 31 and will wait for the Supreme Court's order regarding the elections before re-examining the outcome.
"If at the end of July there is no clear decision, WA will suspend the AAI and will not allow any Indian athlete to participate at any WA event with National team participation. This would particularly apply for the Asian archery championships (an Olympic qualifying event in Bangkok) and the Asian para-archery championships (in October),” WA said in a letter addressed to the IOA and various stakeholders.
"In this case, a transitory committee would be established (sic) composed of representatives of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA), Sports Ministry and one representative of the two factions and chaired by the IOA" with the goal of holding new elections (at a neutral place) as soon as possible and handling transitional matters.
WA, which had sent a representative to mediate and sort out the issue of two elections, had earlier said that in case of AAI's suspension, Indian archers could compete only under the international federation's flag.
In response to the WA decision, Indian Olympic Association (IOA) president Narender Batra has directed the Association Secretary General Rajeev Mehta to take control of this case for interaction with Secretary General of World Archery who seems to be their nodal officer in all communication with IOA.
Batra further noted that the way World Archery is forming the Commission’s/Committee’s shows that it is compromising with the autonomy of the Archery Sports Body in India and why they are doing this is best known to them.
He further pointed out that the timeline being given by Secretary General World Archery to ‘‘Hon'ble Supreme Court of India to decide by end July  otherwise it will form a body to conduct new elections, firstly pending decision by Hon’ble Courts I think no one in India will dare to go/be in contempt of Hon'ble Courts in India and also this kind of behaviour by World Archery by giving timeline is highly disrespectful and discourteous towards the Hon'ble Court's in India and World Archery be asked to refrain from showing disrespect to the judicial institutions in India.
"Like World Archery is governed by Swiss laws, similarly AAI is governed by Indian laws and mutual respect needs to be maintained," he added.

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