Shivangi gets double, Golom secures Arunachal's maiden gold
Golom TinkuGolom Tinku

Shivangi gets double, Golom secures Arunachal's maiden gold

Guwahati, January 18, 2020

Shivangi Sarma (Assam) and Khushi Dinesh (Karnataka) claimed a double gold each while Maharashtra’s Kareena Shankta accounted for a Best Indian Performance on the opening day of Khelo India Youth Games swimming competition at the Zakir Hussain Swimming Pool here on Friday.

On a day on which a 13-year-old weightlifter helped Arunachal Pradesh notch up their maiden gold, Maharashtra held on to a five-gold lead over Haryana. With 41 gold and 43 silver in a total of 149 medals, Maharashtra remained ahead but with many gold coming from shooting and wrestling on Friday, Haryana were fast catching up with 36 gold in a total of 111 medals.

The 13-year-old Golom Tinku won Arunachal Pradesh’s first gold medal in the Games. At the Bhogeswari Phukanani Indoor Stadium, it looked as if he would have a tough ask when he conceded a 6kg advantage to Tamil Nadu’s Madhavan Thirumurugan at the half-way stage in the boys under-17 competition.

But with his rival recording a no lift with three failures, the 13-year-old completed a 116kg lift in clean and jerk to total 209kg and be in the lead. Assam’s Prabal Pratim Gogoi preferred to go for silver by lifting 117kg for a total of 207kg rather than risk finishing with bronze by chasing gold. Arunachal Pradesh’s Sankar Lapung took bronze with 203kg in a pulsating competition.

Haryana’s pistol shooting teenager girls, Vibhuti Bhutia (under-21) and Asian Youth silver medallist Shikha Narwal (under-17) stamped their superiority with gold medals in the 10m Air Pistol events. Maharashtra’s Harshada Nithave was the only non-Haryana pistol shooter to take a home a medal today.

At the Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education in Sonapur, Haryana made their intentions clear by winning six of the 11 gold medals on Friday. Maharashtra’s girls in the 46kg, 57kg and 61kg freestyle divisions, Kalyani Pandurang Gadekar, Bhagyashri Hanumant Fand and Sonali Kondiba Mandalik, ensured that State’s gold hunt would bear fruit on the wrestling mat.

Shivangi Sarma, who represented Delhi in the last Khelo India Youth Games in Pune, gave the home crowd much to cheer by first winning the 200m freestyle race by a 15-second margin. Returning to the pool to face the same rivals, her victory in the 800m freestyle event was a foregone conclusion.

Khushi Dinesh, returning to competition after a short break, won the girls under-17 freestyle events on Friday, clocking 2:10.29 in the 200m and 9:26.19 in the 800m events. On a day when Karnataka swimmers bagged five gold medals, she was the toast of the contingent as the State rose to seventh on the medals table and moved to hailing distance of toppling Gujarat and Kerala.

Kareena Shankta clocked 1:14.66 in the girls under-17 100m Breaststroke race in which she led a Maharashtra sweep of the medals. Her time bettered the previous Best Indian Performance of 1:14.87 by Saloni Dalal (Karnataka) in 2018. Kareena Shankta’s gold was one of three that Maharashtra claimed at the swimming pool.

The results (all finals):


Boys under-21 50m Rifle 3 position: 1. Niraj Kumar (Punjab) 452.3 points; 2. Sartaj Singh Tiwana (Punjab) 451.3; 3. Nitish Kumar (Haryana) 435.7.

Girls under-21 10m Air Pistol: 1. Vibhutia Bhatia (Haryana) 238.3 points; 2. Yogita (Haryana) 236.3 3. Harshada Nithave (Maharashtra) 214.1.

Girls under-17 10m Air Pistol: 1. Shikha Narwal (Haryana) 236.9 points; 2. Rhythm Sangwan (Haryana) 231.4; 3. Kanishka Dagar (Haryana) 212.0.


Boys under-21

200m Freestyle: 1. Aaron Fernandes (Maharashtra) 1:56.61; 2. CJ Sanjay (Karnataka) 1:56.95; 3. Anurag Singh (Delhi) 1:58.37.

50m Butterfly: 1. Mihir Ambre (Maharashtra) 25.00 seconds; 2. D Adithya (Tamil Nadu) 26.03; 3. Priyank Rana (Delhi) 26.46.

100m Breaststroke: 1. S Dhanush (Tamil Nadu) 1:03.71; 2. M Lohith (Andhra Pradesh) 1:05.31; 3. Varun Patel (Madhya Pradesh) 1:08.51.

Girls under-21

200m Freestyle: 1. Shivangi Sarma (Assam) 2:07.91; 2. Bhavika Dugar (Tamil Nadu) 2:22.97; 3. Jasmine Gurung (Haryana) 2:24.30.

800m Freestyle: 1. Shivangi Sarma (Assam) 9:31.22; 2. Bhavika Dugar (Tamil Nadu) 10:13.78; 3. Jasmine Gurung (Haryana) 10:36.19.

50m Butterfly: 1. Sunaina Manjunath (Karnataka) 30.78 seconds; 2. Suman Patil (Goa) 31.07; 3. Anubhuti Baruah (Assam) 31.11.

100m Breaststroke: 1. Kalyani Saxena (Gujarat) 1:20.25; 2. Aaliyah Singh (Uttar Pradesh) 1:22.18; 3. Rajeshree Buragohain (Assam) 1:30.76.

Boys under-17

200m Freestyle: 1. R Sambhav (Karnataka) 1:56.66; 2. Aneesh S Gowda (Karanataka) 1:57.46; 3. Veer Khatkar (Maharashtra) 1:58.61.

50m Butterfly: 1. Aryan Varnekar (Delhi) 25.70 seconds; 2. Harsh Saroha (Haryana) 25.88; 3. Bikram Changmai (Delhi) 25.92.

100m Breaststroke: 1. Swadesh Mondol (West Bengal) 1:06.33; 2. Rohit Benediction (Tamil Nadu) 1:08.56; 3. Bhargav Phukan (Delhi) 1:08.90.

Girls under-17

200m Freestyle: 1. Khushi Dinesh (Karnataka) 2:10.29; 2. Kiara Bangera (Maharashtra) 2:12.16; 3. Bhavya Sachdeva (Delhi) 2:12.66.

800m Freestyle: 1. Khushi Dinesh (Karnataka) 9:26.19; 2. Bhavya Sachdeva (Delhi) 9:30.06; 3. Kiara Bangera (Maharashtra) 9:36.02.

50m Butterfly: 1. Nina Venkatesh (Karnataka) 28.58 seconds; 2. Kenisha Gupta (Maharashtra) 28.96; 3. Nilabhjaa Ghosh (West Bengal) 30.01.

100m Breaststroke: 1. Kareena Shankta (Maharashtra) 1:14.66; 2. Apeksha Fernandes (Maharashtra) 1:15.47; 3. Zara Jabbar (Maharashtra) 1:19.02.


Boys under-21

55kg class: 1. Sanket Mahadev Sargar (Maharashtra) 239kg (Snatch 107kg, Clean & Jerk 132kg); 2. Muna Nayak (Odisha) 235 (102, 133 ); 3. Prashant Suresh Koli (Maharashtra) 231 (104, 127).

Girls under-21

49kg class: 1. Veerjeet Kaur (Chandigarh) 143kg (64, 79); 2. Gitashree Sonowal (Assam) 142 (60, 82); 3. Konjengbam Nomita Devi (Manipur) 141 (61, 80).

Boys under-17

55kg class: 1. Golom Tinku (Arunachal Pradesh) 209kg (93, 116); 2. Prabal Pratim Gogoi (Assam) 207 (90, 117); 3. Sankar Lapung (Arunachal Pradesh) 203 (90, 113).

Girls under-17

49kg class: 1. Usha (Rajasthan) 145 (63, 82); 2. Sapna Kumari (Rajasthan) 140 (60, 80); 3. V Rithika (Tamil Nadu) 135 (60, 75).



Girls under-17

46kg class: Kalyani Pandurang Gadekar (Maharashtra) beat Neha Kiran Chougale (Maharashtra); Bronze medals: Chhaya Patel (Madhya Pradesh) and Hemlata (Uttarakhand).

49kg class: 1. Priyanshi Prajapat (Madhya Pradesh) beat Shalini Sehrawat (Delhi); Bronze medals: Anushka (Maharashtra) and Priya (Haryana).

53kg: Deepti (Haryana) beat Varsha Pandey (Madhya Pradesh); Bronze medals: Smita Sambhaji Patil (Maharashtra) and Aarti Saroha (Delhi).

57kg class: Sonali Kondiba Mandalik (Maharashtra) beat Nikita (Delhi); Bronze medals: Khushi Yadav (Gujarat) and Muskan (Haryana).

61kg class: Bhagyashri Hanumant Fand (Maharashtra) beat Sittu (Haryana); Bronze medals: Khushi Kundu (Haryana) and Priyanka Yadav (Madhya Pradesh).

65kg class: Manju (Haryana) beat Elizabeth Rohlupuii (Mizoram); Bronze medals: Priyanka (Delhi) and Monika (Rajasthan).

69kg class: Sunena (Haryana) beat Ramandeep (Maharashtra). Bronze medals: Mansi Thakran (Delhi) and Harshita (Haryana).


Boys under-21

67kg class: 1. Anuj Dahiya (Delhi); 2. Gaurav (Uttar Pradesh); 3. Kundan Yadav (Maharashtra).

72kg class: 1. Rahul (Haryana); 2. Deepak Thakran (Delhi); 3. Mangesh Dilip Koli (Haryana).

77kg: 1. Ajay (Haryana); 2. Viraj Vikas Ranawade (Maharashtra); 3. Varun (Delhi).

87kg class: 1. Sunny Kumar Dahiya (Delhi); 2. Bhupender (Rajasthan); 3. Virender (Haryana).

97kg class: 1. Nitesh Kumar (Haryana); 2. Sahil Dahiya (Delhi); 3. Atul Anil Mane (Maharashtra).

Boys under-17

55kg class: 1. Omkar Eknath Patil (Maharashtra); 2. Lalit (Haryana); 3. Pratik Patil (Maharashtra).

60kg class: Saurabh (Uttar Pradesh) beat Deepak (Haryana); Bronze medals: Prateek (Delhi) and Praduman Yadav (Haryana).

65kg class: Ankit Gulia (Haryana) beat Bholu Yadav (Uttar Pradesh); Bronze medals: Rakesh (Delhi) and Ravi Deswal (Haryana).

71kg class: Sahil Dalal (Haryana) beat Umesh (Delhi); Bronze medals: Mohit (Haryana) and Mohit (Delhi).

80kg class: Vijender (Delhi) beat Mohit (Uttar Pradesh); Bronze medals: Ankit (Haryana) and Mohit (Delhi).

92kg class: Kapil (Delhi) beat Ankit (Haryana); Bronze medals: Arshdeep (Punjab) and Umang (Uttarakhand).


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