Pro Kabaddi League: Parteek Dahiya helps Gujarat Giants register come-from-behind victory
Nitin Lawate

Pro Kabaddi League: Parteek Dahiya helps Gujarat Giants register come-from-behind victory

Hyderabad, December 4, 2022

U Mumba held a massive lead in the first half, but Gujarat Giants forged an emphatic comeback to win 38-36 in the vivo Pro Kabaddi League Season 9 at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad on Sunday.

Parteek Dahiya emerged as the best player for Gujarat with 13 points in the match.

Pranay Rane picked up a few touch points as U Mumba took the lead at 6-3 in the 5th minute. Moments later, Mohit tackled Sandeep and helped his team inflict an all out to take a massive lead at 10-4.

Heidarali Ekrami pulled off a super raid soon after, catching out Shankar Gadai, Sourav Gulia and Arkam Shaikh as the Mumbai side took complete control of the match at 15-4 in the 8th minute. Gujarat's Rinku Narwal and Sandeep effected tackles, but U Mumba still held the lead at 15-8 in the 12th minute.

Ekrami continued to shine as the Mumbai side continued to forge ahead. However, Rakesh effected a raid and the Giants tackled Guman Singh to stay in the game at 13-18. But, Rahul Sethpal pulled off a super tackle in the 20th minute as U Mumba led at 20-13 at the end of the first half.

Dahiya effected a fantastic raid in the opening minutes of the second half and reduced U Mumba to just two members on the mat. Moments later, the Giants tackled Kamlesh and inflicted an all out to come back into the match at 19-22.

However, Rane pulled off a multi-point raid and ensured that U Mumba stayed in the lead at 24-20. But Dahiya effected a few raids as the Giants reached within touching distance of U Mumba's score at 25-26 in the 28th minute.

Sourav Gulia tackled Rane soon after and helped Gujarat level the scores at 26-26.

Thereafter, Ashish caught out Sourav Gulia and Arkam Shaikh as U Mumba inched ahead at 29-27 in the 31st minute. However, Gujarat's Manuj tackled Rane and Shankar Gadai effected a couple of raids as the Giants levelled the scores at 30-30.

Both sides traded raid for raid and were locked at 32-32 in the 37th minute. However, Dahiya pulled off a magnificent raid in the 39th minute and helped his team inflict an all out and take the lead at 37-34.

The Giants played their cards perfectly in the dying seconds of the match and clinched a thrilling win in the end.


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