Para-athletes are ambassadors, brought laurels for the country: Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi with members of the Indian contingent to the recent Tokyo Paralympics, in New Delhi on September 9, 2021.

Para-athletes are ambassadors, brought laurels for the country: Modi

New Delhi, September 9, 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday described the para-athletes who brought laurels for the country at the Tokyo Paralympic Games as the ambassadors of the country, who have increased the prestige of the nation on the world stage through their remarkable performance.

The Prime Minister hosted the Indian contingent of Paralympic Games at his residence this morning and had a candid and informal interaction with the athletes, coaches, and officials.

Speaking on the occasion, Modi praised the indomitable spirit and willpower of the para-athletes and hailed them for their historic performance at the Games, adding that the performance is more praiseworthy in light of the insurmountable odds that the para-athletes have overcome in their lives.

Congratulating the athletes for their record-breaking performance, the Prime Minister said that their achievement will significantly boost the morale of the entire sporting community in the country, and budding sportspersons will feel encouraged to come forward to take up sports. He said that their performance has led to awareness about sports increasing leaps and bounds.

Talking to those who couldn’t achieve a podium finish, Modi said that a true sportsperson does not get bogged down by defeat or victory, and keeps on moving forward. He said that they are ambassadors of the country, and they have increased the prestige of the nation on the world stage through their remarkable performance.

He said that, through their "Tapasya, purushartha and parakram", the para-athletes had changed the way people look at them.

He advised them that, in this period of celebration of 75 years of independence, they should identify a few areas outside of the world of sports and explore how they can motivate people and help bring change.

The para-athletes thanked the Prime Minister for giving them the invitation and said that sitting with him at the same table was a big achievement in itself. They especially thanked him for constant guidance, motivation, and support throughout their endeavour, and said that the athletes of other countries were amazed when they came to know that their Indian compatriots received congratulatory phone calls from their Prime Minister, an official press release said.

They highlighted how the government left no stone unturned to make the best possible arrangements for their training.

Several players gifted their signed sporting equipment, with which they won their medals, to the Prime Minister. A stole, signed by all medalists, was also gifted to the Prime Minister. who said that this sporting equipment would be auctioned and that announcement was welcomed by the athletes.

Union Sports Minister Anurag Thakur and Union Law Minister Kiran Rijiju were also present on the occasion.


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