Motorsport has good future in India: Rally driver Garima Avtar
Rally driver Garima Avtar talking to paddler Mudit Dani in his online chat show "In the Sportlight".

Motorsport has good future in India: Rally driver Garima Avtar

New Delhi, October 22, 2020

Leading woman rally driver Garima Avtar feels that motorsport in the country has a good future as more youngsters are taking up the sport and big corporate houses are also coming forward to support it.

"Recently motorsport has got included in government schemes which is a big step. We have now corporate houses extending their support, too. I see a big future for motorsport in India," she said.

Without any formal training and exposure, Garima Avtar, who was a late entrant to the game, candidly admitted that she wants to sharpen her drifting skills to not only master and excel her craft, but also to popularize the same in India.

Talking to paddler Mudit Dani on the latter's live online chat show "In The Sportlight", Garima, who learnt the skills of advanced driving while training in London and Dubai, said, "I would like to hone my skills at this point of time as a drifter and excel in that direction."

"Drifting is very technical and difficult. You need to have full control and a lot of practice is required. It's also a big expense because tires burn out," she pointed out.

Fond of extreme driving, Garima, who has been part of major competitions in India, also believes government support and recognition will go a long way in not only prompting more people to take up the sport but also increasing the quality of participants and competitions in India.

An avid badminton fan, she wants to pursue a career in journalism to bring out the various facets of auto reporting.


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