File photo of Shahrukh Khan
File photo of Shahrukh Khan

MCA bans Shah Rukh Khan from entering Wankhede stadium for 5 years

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Mumbai, May 18, 2012

The Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) today banned Bollywood superstar and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) co-owner Shah Rukh Khan from entering the Wankhede stadium for five years following Wednesday night's incident in which he was accused of getting into an argument with MCA officials and security personnel.
MCA president and Union Minister of Science and Technology Vilasrao Deshmukh told newsmen here this morning that the decision was taken after the managing committee of the MCA met to consider the allegations against the actor and heard the accounts given by several of them who were present when the incident occurred.
Mr Deshmukh said the MCA also took into account the fact that Shah Rukh Khan was unapologetic about the incident, as was evident from the remarks made by him during a press conference yesterday.
He said the meeting condemned the behaviour of the actor which was without any provocation. He said the KKR co-owner had also manhandled MCA staff in the rpesence of Indian Premier League (IPL) and Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) officials.
"The managing committee is forcedto ban Mr Shah Rukh Khan from entering the Wankhede stadium for a period of five years," he said.
Shah Rukh Khan had yesterday refused to apologise for the incident and also denied he was drunk when it happened. He claimed he had got into the argument only after some children with him were "manhandled" by the stadium staff.
The MCA has filed a complaint with the police against the actor  over the incident. According to them, Khan misbehaved and used foul language when he was stopped by security guards from entering the ground after the match between KKR and Mumbai Indians got over last night.
KKR had won the match and celebrations were on when Khan arrived at the stadium along with some associates and wanted to enter the ground. He was reportedly upset when he was stopped by stadium officials and guards, who said the ground was being emptied and they could not let him enter the field at that stage.
"They should apologise to me for behaving the way they did..they were extremely high-handed," Khan said yesterday.
He denied he was drunk and said he had gone to pick up his children, who had gone to watch the match. He said he got involved when he saw the stadium officials manhandling the children. He said the officials and staff, were about 20-25 in number and extremely aggressive. He said he might have said some things in anger but claimed the officials were extremely rude.
Asked about the ban the MCA proposed to impose on his entry into the stadium, Khan said, "If this is the kind of behaviour meted out to people then even I would not like to go there. There were people rushing at me aggressively. I think it's unpardonable that you manhandle kids in the name of security."
The actor said he was always polite with his fans. He said the incident occurred after an official said something in Marathi from behind, which could not be repeated. 
"There was nothing illegal, I was not on the pitch. I know the rules," he said.
Asked about Shah Rukh Khan's allegations against the MCA staff, Mr Deshmukh said the actor could take his complaint to the police which would then investigate all angles.
He said the ban imposed today meant that the KKR co-owner could not enter the stadium even as a paying spectator.
MCA Ratnakar Shetty, who was also present at the press conference, said MCA officials had shown extreme restraint in the face of the actor's alleged misbehaviour and the foul language used by him. "Otherwise, there could have been a very ugly incident," he added.