Learning the art of drag-flicking was  turning point of my career: Gurjit Kaur

Learning the art of drag-flicking was turning point of my career: Gurjit Kaur

New Delhi, August 24, 2020

Women's Hockey Team defender Gurjit Kaur on Monday said that learning the art of drag-flicking properly has been the turning point of her career.

The ace defender was part of the silver medal-winning team at the Asian Games 2018 and was the leading goalscorer in the team's winning campaign at the Women's Series Finals last year.

"I think learning the drag-flicking technique properly has been the turning point of my career. Everyone has a role to play in a hockey team and I am very happy about putting in a lot of effort to be a good drag-flicker for our side," she told Hockey India.

" I have received a lot of support from my teammates and coaches to learn and fine-tune the art of drag-flicking as my career has progressed," said the 24-year-old.

Gurjit, who is now a crucial drag-flicker for the side, admitted that she didn't have much knowledge about the art prior to joining the Junior National Camp in 2012.

"I used to practise drag-flicking before I joined the camp, but I hadn't learned the basics of the technique properly. When I joined the camp then only, I understood the basics of drag-flicking and I kept getting better at it during the course of my career," said the defender.

Asked what has helped her become a successful athlete at the international stage, Gurjit said that consistent hard work has never let her down.

"Working hard is the most important thing for anybody to be a successful athlete. I have worked very hard on my game and therefore I am enjoying the fruits now.

"I always train hard during practice sessions and I never give up in any situation. I will continue to put in my efforts and I am sure it will hold me in good stead throughout my career," she added.


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