Hockey: India Women getting closer to top teams in world, says chief coach Sjoerd Marijne
India Women Hockey chief coach Sjoerd Marijne with the team.File photo

Hockey: India Women getting closer to top teams in world, says chief coach Sjoerd Marijne

New Delhi, March 6, 2021

Indian Women’s Hockey Team chief coach Sjoerd Marjine on Friday claimed that his team is getting closer to operating at the same level as the top teams in the world.

Marjine's assertion comes after India lost away series against Argentina and Germany.

India, ranked nine, lost to No. 3 Germany 0-5, 0-1, 0-2 and 1-2 in the four matches of the tour, played in Dusseldorf, Germany.

"We have played against two different styles of teams and who are among the top three teams in the world. The tours helped us to understand their tactics and also to see what the benchmark needs to be to beat these teams. Although the results were not in our favour, we are getting closer to them," the coach said

"Germany is a very well-organized team with a very good structure and it’s not easy to create chances against them. We were able to create enough possibilities to score in every match, but we didn’t finish well. This is something we need to work on in the coming months. We did test them in parts and have some homework to do,” he said.

“We played that match (first match of the tour) pretty well, but every opportunity was converted into a goal by Germany. That match was a benchmark for the following matches. I think we did well on the tour, but you have to keep looking at the bigger picture and not only focus on the results of this tour,” he said.

Marijne urged his team not to be disheartened by the results in Germany as he feels fortunes can change during the Tokyo Olympics later this year.

“We couldn't win a medal here in Germany, but we can in Tokyo and that’s why I keep looking at the performances. We were able to keep the ball longer, we intercepted some good balls but the things we need to improve are finishing and defending in the circle.

"Against teams like these, you need to create your chances and if you don’t, they will do for sure and that’s what happened on this tour. I am happy we were able to create some chances and now we need to work on finishing our opportunities,” Marijne added


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