Age is a very sensitive subject for any athlete in India: P R Sreejesh

P R Sreejesh

Age is a very sensitive subject for any athlete in India: P R Sreejesh

New Delhi, February 5, 2022

Ace goalkeeper P R Sreejesh has admitted that age is a very sensitive subject for any athlete in India and he has faced this issue many a time.

Sreejesh who was under severe scrutiny from his critics during the World Cup 2018, said, ”Due to my age and my previous injury, people had begun to write me off and were critical of every aspect of my performances.

“It was particularly bad during the World Cup when there were a lot of talk in the public about replacing me in the team. Even my father’s health had deteriorated at the time, so overall it was very difficult for me and I had thoughts of retiring at the time. I am very grateful to Netherlands goalkeeper Jaap Stockmann who helped me overcome that situation with his advice.”

In his guest appearance on Hockey Te Charcha ­– a podcast series initiated by Hockey India – the veteran goalkeeper talked about the highs and lows of his International career.

Speaking about his battle with an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury setback that threatened to bring his career to an early end in 2017, he said, “Dealing with that injury was the toughest situation for me because I was in the peak of my career at that point. I was the captain of the team and I had been performing well and people had just begun to recognise me.

“Hockey was the most important thing in my life at the time and everything else was secondary. Then after getting injured and seeing India continue to play well in my absence, I felt like people started to forget about me. That was a very difficult period for me, but I gained a lot of perspective and maturity from that experience which eventually helped me to make my way back into the team,” he said.

Talking about the last-ditch save against Germany in the Olympic bronze medal playoff, the World Games Athlete of the Year 2021 said, “My first thought when we conceded the penalty corner with six seconds of the game remaining was like any other hockey fan; I was really disappointed because we knew Germany was capable of turning the game around in the dying moments.

“We had conceded many times in the past in the last seconds of the game and all those painful memories flashed in my mind. However, I knew I had to focus on the moment and I then began to assign everyone their duties, because it becomes hard to focus on one’s responsibilities in such a pressure situation.

“After making that save in the end and winning the match, I became emotional as I thought about the incredible 21-year-long journey I had since I began playing hockey at the GV Raja Sports School.”


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