Hockey: Training to increase our momentum in a planned way, says drag-flicker Harmanpreet Singh
Harmanpreet Singh

Hockey: Training to increase our momentum in a planned way, says drag-flicker Harmanpreet Singh

New Delhi, January 16, 2021

The 33-member Hockey Probables Group for the Tokyo Olympics has resumed training following a week-long mandatory quarantine in the Sports Authority of India (SAI) campus at Bengaluru.

'We have started training with an aim to increase our momentum week-on-week," drag-flicker Harmanpreet Singh told Hockey India.

According to the defender while in quarantine, the players were tasked with high-intensity body-weight training to maintain their fitness levels.

"Back home, during the break, too, we were given a schedule to follow that would ensure we maintain our endurance. When we reported back and underwent mandatory quarantine, we had to ensure we keep up our fitness level and one of the best ways to do that was to go through high-intensity body-weight training in our rooms," he said.

As the camp resumed, chief coach Graham Reid informed the team about the appointment of Gregg Clark, the new Analytical Coach and his expectations from the players via a virtual team meeting.

"We are now quite used to having these team meetings via video conference calls though we are in the same campus. We were informed of Gregg's appointment and coach also took us through his plans for the next few weeks.

"Our goal is obviously to increase our potential in all aspects and we are all keenly looking forward to working with Gregg. Most of us are quite familiar with him and the transition will be smooth as we understand his working style,"Harmanpreet said.

The defender said though the team has not played a competitive match in over ten months, the players are not letting this affect their focus in the lead up to the Olympic Games.

"Coach always tells us, we need to worry about what's within our control and not worry about things that are outside our control. We must understand, the pandemic has not just affected the hockey team but has affected scores of athletes across the globe and we need to adapt to these circumstances.

"We are fortunate to be in a facility like SAI, Bengaluru which has top-class facilities and we are able to train uninterrupted. Our priority is to make the most of the opportunities we are provided with and increase our momentum week-on-week in the lead up to the Games," he said.


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