Hemanth Mudappa 

Hemanth Mudappa 

Hemanth Mudappa retains National Drag Racing title

Chennai, March 1, 2022

Bengaluru’s Hemanth Mudappa (Mantra Racing) set up two new records along with a golden double to clinch his ninth title, and fifth consecutive, at the third and final round of the Indian National Drag Racing Championship.

Astride a Suzuki Hayabusa, Mudappa was the quickest in the Above 1050cc (Super Sport) category while setting a national record of 7.749 seconds over the 300-metre run.

Mudappa was on a BMW S1000 R while winning the 851-1050cc (Super Sport) in a record time for 7.555 secs, also over 300 metres. In the process, he overcame his arch-rivals and fellow-Bengalureans Hafizullah Khan and Mohd Riyaz.

Mudappa’s exploits also helped his team, Mantra Racing, Bengaluru, to clinch the team championship crown in both the categories.

“I am very happy. We are on a mission to improve our performance every time we go out and race. Getting every bit out of the bike is a huge achievement and it is a team success. Clipping almost two-tenths is a very, very big achievement in drag racing. I have also worked on my fitness which also helped me a lot,” said Mudappa

Meanwhile, Aiyaz (Bengaluru), Bharat Raj (Rockers Racing, Chennai), Kevin Kannan (RACR Castrol Power 1, Chennai), Lani Zena Fernandez (Speed Up Racing, Chennai), Mohd Rafiq (Bengaluru) and R Madhan Kumar (Chennai) also won the National titles in their respective categories.

The results:

4-Stroke Above 1050cc Super Sport: 1. Hemanth Mudappa (Mantra Racing, Bengaluru) (07.749secs – National Record); 2. Hafizullah Khan (Bengaluru) (08:301); 3. Harish Naik (Bengaluru) (08.315). National champion: Hemanth Mudappa. Champion Team: Mantra Racing, Bengaluru.

4S 851-1050cc Super Sport: 1. Hemanth Muddappa (Mantra Racing, Bengaluru) (07.555 – National Record); 2. Tajamul Hussain (Hyderabad) (07.966); 3. Mohd Riyaz (Benaluru) (08.135). National Champion: Hemanth Mudappa. Champion Team: Mantra Racing, Bengaluru.

4S 361-550cc Super Sport Indian: 1. Aiyaz (Bengaluru) (12.265); 2. Thulasi Ram (Bengaluru) (12.411); 3. Zuheeb Ahmed (Bengaluru) (12.463). National Champion: Aiyaz. Champion Team: Speed Up Racing, Chennai.

4S 226-360cc Super Sport Indian: 1. Mohammed Shakir (Rockers Racing, Chennai) (12.450); 2. Bharat Raj (Rockers Racing, Chennai) (12.549); 3. Shankar Guru (Chennai) (12.763). National Champion: Bharat Raj. Champion Team: Rockers Racing, Chennai.

4S Up to 165cc Super Sport Indian: 1. Mohan Babu (Rockers Racing, Chennai) (13.644); 2. Kevin Kannan (RACR Castrol Power 1, Chennai) (13.847); 3. Yogeswaran P (Chennai) (14.738). National Champion: Kevin Kannan. Champion Team: RACR Castrol Power 1.

4S Girls (Up to 165cc): 1. Lani Zena Fernandez (Speed Up Racing, Chennai) (16.383); 2. Jagruti Penkar (Pune) (16.414); Soundari Ananthraj (Chennai) (16.493). National Champion: Lani Zena Fernandez. Champion Team: Speed Up Racing, Chennai.

2-Stroke (Up to 165cc): 1. Abdul Shaikh (Bengaluru) (12.868); 2. Mohd Rafiq (Bengaluru) (12.879); 3. Aiyaz (Bengaluru) (13.002). National Champion: Mohd Rafiq.

2S Up to 130cc: 1. R Madhan Kumar (Chennai) (13.426); 2. Goutham K (Bengaluru) (13.682); 3. Mujahid Pasha (Bengaluru) (13.703). National Champion: R Madhan Kumar.


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