Chess: Arjun Erigaisi back in joint lead at Delhi International Open
Arjun Erigaisi

Chess: Arjun Erigaisi back in joint lead at Delhi International Open

New Delhi, March 26, 2022

National champion Arjun Erigaisi defeated International Master (IM) Shyam Nikhil to be back in the joint lead in the seventh round of the 19th Delhi International open chess tournament here today.

With this victory, he joined Grandmaster (GM) Lalith Babu M R and Grandmaster Karthik Venkataraman who drew their games at the top of the table.

IM Nigmatov Ortik from Uzbekistan also claimed his spot at the top of the table after his well-fought draw with GM Sethuraman S. P.

GM Gukesh D's thrilling endgame skills against Iran's IM Tahbaz Arash steered him to join the table top along with GM Harsha Bharathakoti who defeated Woman GM Srija Seshadri.

Important Results Round 7 (Indians otherwise stated):

GM Lalith Babu (6) drew with GM Karthik Venkataraman (6); IM Shyaamnikhil P (5) lost to GM Arjun Erigaisi (6); GM Pavel Ponkratov of Russia (6) beat GM Adham Fawzy of Egypt (5); GM Neuris Delagado Ramirez of Paraguay (5.5) drew with GM Azer Mirzoev of Azerbaijan (5.5); FM Kian Seyed Poormosavi of Iran (5.5) drew with GM Sethuraman S P (5.5);

GM Iniyan P (5.5) drew with IM Vignesh N R (5.5); IM Ortik Nigmatov of Uzebkistan (6) beat GM Arjun Kalyan (5); GM Harsha Bharathakoti (6) beat WGM Srija Seshadri (5); Gholami Orimi Mahdi of Iran (5) lost to GM Abhijeet Gupta (5.5); GM Visakh N R (5.5) beat IM Harshvardhan G B (4.5); IM Srihari L R (4.5) lost to GM Deepan Chakkravarthy (5.5);

GM Karthikeyan P (5.5) beat GM Masoud Mosadeghpour of Iran (4.5); GM Mitrabha Guha (5) drew with IM Viani Antonio Dcunha (5); IM Krishna CRG (5.5) beat IM Rahul Sangma (4.5); IM Padmini Rout (4.5) lost to Neelash Saha (5.5); Saurabh Anand (4.5) lost to IM Himal Gusain (5.5); GM Laxman RR (4.5) drew with FM Aaryan Varshney (5); Manigandan SS (5) beat IM Raahul V S (4).


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