DRI seizes 32 kg of smuggled gold worth Rs. 10.32 crore from Siliguri

New Delhi, June 2, 2018

Officers of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) have seized 32 kgs of gold worth Rs. 10.32 crore, smuggled from China into India through Sikkim, from Siliguri in West Bengal.
This is one of the biggest seizures fo smuggled gold in the recent past in East and North-East India, an official press release said.
The release said the DRI had received a tip-off that a huge quantity of gold of foreign origin, that had been smuggled into India from China through the border state of Sikkim, would find its way to Kolkata via Siliguri.
The information said the gold would be carried by three persons who would be travelling by a hired vehicle from Gangtok to Siliguri and would thereafter go to Kolkata by train.
Acting on the tip off, the officers of DRI led strict surveillance over the area on Sevoke Road, Siliguri, near Payal cinema hall, where they intercepted a white Maruti Wagon R late in the night of May 31.
On preliminary enquiry, it was found that the Wagon R vehicle was taken on hire by three passengers. All these three passengers are natives of Maharashtra and they had hired the vehicle for their journey from Siliguri to Gangtok and back, the release said.
The three intercepted persons admitted that they were carrying on their persons gold bars of foreign origin that had been smuggled into India from China. They were taken to DRI office at Siliguri where, on search, three specially-tailored cloth belts having several pockets and secured by metal zip fasteners were found to be fastened around their waist. On opening of the belts, a total of 32 pcs of primary gold bars bearing foreign inscription were recovered. Each of the gold bars was found to weigh 1 kg, bringing the total haul to 32 kg, the release said.
According to it, the intercepted persons were found to have a temporary residence at Siliguri, which was searched by the DRI officers yesterday and Indian currency worth Rs. 20.19 lakh was recovered. The men said this was part of the sale proceeds of smuggled gold.
The release said that, in the current financial year, the DRI had seized more than 137 kg of gold and smuggled jewellery, valued at close to Rs. 24 crore in the market, smuggled from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Bhutan and China from West Bengal and the North-Eastern states. In the previous financial year, 2017-18, DRI had seized close to 430 kg of gold and gold jewellery, valued at more than Rs. 100 crore from the region, it added.
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