Youths lend support to farmers protest
Farmers protesting at Delhi's borders against the three new Central farm laws.IANS

Youths lend support to farmers protest

Singhu (Delhi), December 20, 2020

As the farmers' protest against the three farm laws continued on the 25th day today, the youths participating in the protest are leaving no stone unturned to make the movement a memorable one for the coming generations.

At the borders of the national capital, youngsters from Punjab and Haryana are using innovative and unique ways, such as donating blood, to express solidarity with the farmers' agitation and getting agriculture related subjects inked tattoos on their bodies.

The protests by farmers do not seem likely to end any time soon. Even after six rounds of talks between the farmer leaders and the Central government, no consensus has been reached till now. Thousands of elderly farmers and other youth are participating to make the protest a mass movement.

Many are supporting the farmers in their own unique ways. At the Singhu border in Delhi, a blood bank has been set up at the border by a non-governmental organisation (NGO).

The blood bank worked from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday in which nearly 50 people from 18 to 40 years of age donated their blood.

Hirendra Sehrawat, Lines Blood Bank in-charge, told IANS, "We were contacted by the Khap (Panchayat) here following which we have set up our blood bank at the border."

Angrez Singh, who came from Kaithal to join the farmer protest, donated his blood. He said, "I have come to witness the farmers protest. I saw this blood bank car, and so decided to donate blood to support the farmers' agitation."

Several youth such as Angrez Singh are also donating their blood by lending their support to the farmers. Some of the young people are donating their blood only after seeing a blood bank car at the border. According to them, this is a golden opportunity to donate blood which would be remembered for the coming generations.

The farmers sitting at the border are adamant that the government should repeal the three farm laws. But the government has made it clear that the laws cannot be repealed, though it has offered to consider amendments to address the concerns raised by the farmers.

Many youths are getting tattoos inked with slogans and pictures related to agriculture. Three tattoo artists from Ludhiana have set up a stall at the Singhu border where they are inking tattoos on the bodies of several young people without charging any money. The tattoo artists are providing free tattoo service for people camping at the border.

Chetan Sood, Ravindra and Karan Singh had reached the Singhu border on Friday and nearly 80 people have been tattooed at the border till now, they said.

Ravindra told IANS, "All three of us are residents of Ludhiana and have been inking different tattoos for the last eight years. We have come together here and are inking farmers-related tattoos on people. On Friday, we inked 30 tattoos on people at the border."

"It takes about half an hour to ink a single tattoo and incurs a cost of Rs 3,000 to 4,000. The youngsters present at the border are quite excited about getting the tattoos inked on their body," Ravindra said.

"We are not charging any money for the tattoos. We are lending our support by inking tattoos for free and the youngsters are providing their support to the farmers by getting themselves tattooed," Ravindra added.

'We have given a few tattoos for the young people to choose from, which includes a map of Punjab, tractor, lion, and wheat. Some of the slogans include 'Har Maidan Fateh', 'Nirbhayo Nirvair' and 'Nischay kar apni jeet karun'.

Gursawek Singh has got a slogan 'Nirbhay Nirvair' tattooeed on his wrist. He told IANS, "I inked this slogan on my wrist which means that one is fearless and not hostile to anyone. Everyone is supporting the farmers in their own unique ways. I am lending my support to the farmers through inking this tattoo. And we will not vacate from here until the government withdraws all the farm laws."

Due to holidays on Saturday and Sunday, some people belonging to the family of farmers from Delhi and Haryana brought their children to the borders.

Families came to join this movement and extend their support to the farmers. They also also brought snacks like biscuit packets with them to distribute to the farmers at the borders.

Vinod Deswal has come from Panipat to the Singhu border and was seen explaining to his children about the agitation and the importance of farmers in the society.

As the protesting farmers are staying put at the borders for the long haul, people, especially the youth are trooping in to lend their support.


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