Actor Priyanka Chopra in Lucknow on a UNICEF trip.
Actor Priyanka Chopra in Lucknow on a UNICEF trip.IANS

Priyanka Chopra visits Lucknow on UNICEF trip

Lucknow, November 7, 2022

Actor Priyanka Chopra visited Lucknow for a field trip to see the work being done by UNICEF and its partners to end violence and discrimination against girls in Uttar Pradesh.

In her social media account, she shared a video of herself from inside a car as she visited various UNICEF centres. She also posted a clip of a traditional Chikankari garment during her trip.

In the video, Priyanka said that gender inequality in India leads to unequal opportunities, especially for girls. She also recalled studying in Lucknow during her childhood, and having family and friends, who still live in the city.

She added she wanted to see what changes had come about in the city and in the state, since her time here.

"Right now, I am in Lucknow, India, with UNICEF. I am really looking forward to this field visit. I have spent a few of my childhood years at school in Lucknow, I have family and friends here. And I am keen to understand how the needle has shifted for women and children in Uttar Pradesh. I want to see first-hand how technology and innovation is making that shift at a larger scale. Across India gender inequality results in unequal opportunities, and it is the girls that are most disadvantaged," Priyanka said.

The actor also spoke about finding solutions to end violence and discrimination against girls in Uttar Pradesh.

Priyanka said in the video, "We are visiting various UNICEF partners to see that work that is being done with the aim to end violence and discrimination against girls. I will hear about the challenges they face in everyday life, and see the solutions on hand, because what is needed is solutions at scale. As I have said often enough, women and girls are the key in building better future not just for themselves but for their communities."

Earlier, the actor visited the UNICEF office in Lucknow.


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