Orphan girl who lived by begging at Patna railway station, now runs a cafe

Patna, January 30, 2022

The life journey of a girl from Patna in Bihar is serving as an inspiration for girls across the country. She has completed her education, after she was found abandoned as a child at the Patna railway station and spent her childhood begging, and, thanks to her immense grit and determination, is now running a cafeteria in her native city.

Nineteen-year-old Jyoti till date does not know who her real parents are. She says that she was found abandoned as a child by a beggar- couple at the Patna railway station.

She says that with the help of many good samaritans she kept moving ahead in life even though she experienced harsh days too.

Jyoti says that as a child she also started begging along with the beggar-couple who adopted her. On several days when she earned less money by begging, she would start picking up garbage.

Her life was progressing but the lack of education was definitely on her mind. Her childhood had passed without schooling but the desire to complete her education kept her going and ensured her spirit was not deterred.

Jyoti told IANS that, while she was pursuing her studies, she lost her mother who had raised her. She did not give up easily despite facing tremendous hardships.

She was still nurturing dreams of moving ahead in life when the Patna district administration decided to help her live a better life through a volunteer organisation, Rambo Foundation.

Vishakha Kumari, Bihar Head of Rambo Foundation, said that there are five such centres in Patna where poor and orphaned young boys and girls are kept and imparted education.

After Jyoti joined the Rambo Foundation, her life changed completely as she pursued her studies and passed the matriculation examination with exceptional marks. Following this, she received training in Madhubani paintings at Upendra Maharathi Institute and also learned painting.

Jyoti, however, was not satisfied and, with her hard work and passion, she got the job of running a cafeteria in a firm.

She says that she runs the cafeteria all day and studies in her free time. Today she lives in a rented house with her own earnings. Jyoti dreams of making a career in the field of marketing and is still pursuing her studies through open school learning.


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