Prime Minister Narendra Modi witnessing an Air Show on the just-inaugurated Purvanchal Expressway, in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh on November 16, 2021.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi witnessing an Air Show on the just-inaugurated Purvanchal Expressway, in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh on November 16, 2021.

Modi calls for balanced development of all regions of country

PM inaugurates Purvanchal Expressway, witnesses air show on 3.2 km airstrip constructed on the expressway in Sultanpur district

Sultanpur (Uttar Pradesh), November 16, 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that the security of the country is equally important as its prosperity even as he stressed the need for balanced development of all regions for the overall growth of the nation.

Speaking after inaugurating the Purvanchal Expressway at Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh and witnessing an air show on the 3.2 km air strip constructed on it, Modi said emergency landing provision for fighter jets was made while constructing the expressway.

"The roar of these planes will be for those who ignored the defence infrastructure in the country for decades," he said.

Modi said that, while laying the foundation stone for the expressway three years ago, he did not imagine that one day he would land on the same expressway.

"This expressway will lead to a better future at a faster pace, this expressway is for UP's development, this expressway is for the building a new Uttar Pradesh, this expressway is a reflection of modern facilities in UP, this expressway is a proof of accomplishment of resolutions in UP and this is the pride and wonder of UP," he said.

The Prime Minister said some areas march ahead in development and others get left behind for decades. This kind of inequality is not good for any country he said.

He said that the Eastern and the North-East regions, despite having so much potential, did not get much benefit from the development taking place in the country.

According to him, the way the earlier governments ran for a long time, they did not pay attention to the overall development of Uttar Pradesh. He expressed happiness that in Eastern Uttar Pradesh, today a new chapter of development is about to be written.

The Prime Minister lauded Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, his team and the people of UP on the completion of Purvanchal Expressway. He also thanked the farmers whose land was acquired for this project. He lauded the workers and the engineers who were involved in the project.

He lamented that in spite of such a large area blessed with the Ganga and other rivers, there was no development till 7-8 years ago. He said in 2014, when the country gave him an opportunity to serve the country, he gave priority to the development of UP.

He envisioned that the poor should get pucca houses, the poor should have toilets, women should not have to defecate in the open and everyone should have electricity in their homes and many such works are needed to be done here.

Criticizing the previous governments, the Prime Minister said he was deeply pained that the then UP government did not support him in providing these amenities. He said that “the people of UP will hold the government accountable and remove it for the unfair treatment of the people of UP, discrimination done in development and the way only the interest of their family was being served by the then government.”

The Prime Minister asked who can forget how many power cuts used to happen in UP earlier, who can forget what was the law and order condition in UP and who can forget what was the condition of medical facilities in UP. He said in the last four and a half years in UP, whether in the East or the West, thousands of villages have been connected by new roads and thousands of kilometers of new roads have been built.

Modi said that, with the active participation of the people, the dream of development of UP is now visible. New medical colleges are being built, AIIMS is coming up, modern educational institutions are being built in UP. Just a few weeks ago, the international airport in Kushinagar was inaugurated.

He said that it was also a fact that parts of a vast state like UP were earlier cut off from each other to a great extent. People used to go to different parts of the state but they were troubled due to lack of connectivity. For the people of East Uttar Pradesh, even reaching Lucknow was quite a task.

“For previous Chief Ministers, development was limited to where they had their homes. But today, the demands of Purvanchal are given equal importance as the demands of the West," he said.

He said that the new expressway would connect those cities with immense aspiration and huge potential for development with Lucknow. He said where the good road leads, good highways reach, there the pace of development increases, job creation happens faster.

The Prime Minister noted that, for industrial development of Uttar Pradesh, excellent connectivity is necessary, every corner of UP needs to be connected. He said as expressways are getting ready in UP, the work of the industrial corridor has also started. Very soon new industries will start coming up around Purvanchal Expressway.

He said that, in the coming days, in the cities situated along these expressways, work on products related to food processing, milk, cold storage, storage of fruits and vegetables, cereal, animal husbandry and other agricultural products are going to increase rapidly.

He said skilled manpower is essential to the industrialization of UP. So work has also been started to train the manpower. ITI and other training institutes and medical institutes will also be established in these cities.

He said that the Defence Corridor being built in UP would also bring new employment opportunities in the state. He said these infrastructure works in UP would take the economy to new heights.

The Prime Minister said that, even if a person builds a house, he first worries about the roads, examines the soil, and considers other aspects. But in UP, we have seen a long period of such governments who showed dreams of industrialization without worrying about connectivity. The result was that due to lack of necessary facilities, many factories located here were locked. In these circumstances, it was also unfortunate that both Delhi and Lucknow were dominated by dynasties. For years and years, this partnership of family members kept crushing the aspirations of UP.

"Today the double engine government in UP is working considering the common people of UP as their family. An environment is being created for new factories. Keeping in mind the needs of this decade, infrastructure is being built to build a prosperous Uttar Pradesh," he added.

The Prime Minister also lauded the Government of Uttar Pradesh for its "excellent work" to handle the coronavirus pandemic and the COVID-19 vaccination drive.

He said that the government was working day and night for the all-round development of UP. Along with connectivity, top priority is also being given to infrastructure in UP. He said that, in just two years, the UP government had provided piped drinking water connection to nearly 30 lakh rural families.

"And this year the double-engine government is fully committed to provide piped drinking water to lakhs of sisters at their homes. It is our duty to be engaged in nation-building with the spirit of service, we will do the same," he added.


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