Kerala: Adani Security team at Vizhinjam port rescues 15 fishermen stranded at sea

Kerala: Adani Security team at Vizhinjam port rescues 15 fishermen stranded at sea

Thiruvananthapuram, August 12, 2022

The Adani Security and Marine Services team, stationed at the Vizhinjam Port in Kerala, came to the rescue of 15 fishermen who were stranded in their boats in the Arabian Sea due to high swells and strong winds.

This happened a few days ago at a time when the Indian Metrological Department (IMD) and the Government of Kerala had issued a warning for heavy showers, rough seas, and strong bursts of winds, especially near the coastal areas.

Despite the red alert and the continuous warnings, a few boats carrying around 15-18 fishermen ventured into the sea but got trapped in the rough weather.

“The IMD had issued severe weather warnings between 1 – 4 August citing heavy sea swells and strong winds and had warned the fishermen not to venture out in the sea. However, due to some miscommunication, a few boats ventured out into the sea. While the sea was comparatively calm in the beginning, suddenly it changed its colour,” said Head Security, Adani Vizhinjam Ports, Lt Cdr Rohit Nair (Retd).

However, one of the boats carrying six fisherman was returning to Vizhinjam from Kovalam and got stranded due to high sea swells and strong winds. Although they were trying hard to find a way to come back safely to the harbor, they were unsuccessful. As the team struggled to stay afloat, Kingston, a 20-year-old fisherman, got thrown out of the boat and lost his life. That’s when the other members sent a distress signal.

“While warnings had been issued there were a few fishermen who ventured out a day prior, due to which they were all stuck in the choppy waters,” said Jyotish, Sub-Inspector, Coastal Police.

“The fishermen made a distress call to the priest of their church who then contacted us. When we reached the spot, we realized that it will be tough for us to get to them and hence asked the Adani Security and Marine Services Team for assistance, who have earlier helped us in such distress situations.”

The rescue team at the Vizhinjam Port, along with the coastal police guards, expert swimmers, and divers ventured into the sea with the former’s Dolphin 41, pilot boat. The pilot boat is frequently used to tackle rescue operations during rough weather conditions.

While one team was in the middle of the sea the other team was positioned near the vantage, close to the harbor mouth. Meanwhile, the security in the control room was updating the teams about the seafront, using the cameras and a few security guards with lifebuoys were positioned along the Bridgewater construction path. Only after all the fishermen were safely brought back to the harbor, the Dolphin 41 was called back and parked alongside the jetty, company officials added.


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