Crowds outside the emergency room of a hospital in Gujarat, during Uttarayan festivities.
Crowds outside the emergency room of a hospital in Gujarat, during Uttarayan festivities.IANS

Gujarat: Four kids among 11 who die during Uttarayan festivities

Ahmedabad, January 16, 2023

At least 11 people, including four children, were killed after their throats got slit by kite strings or in falls from the roof or terraces of buildings during Uttarayan festivities in Gujarat, police said on Monday.

The Medical Emergency service received around 7,000 calls in two days on Saturday and Sunday seeking emergency ambulance services.

According to the medical emergency data shared with the media, 11 people died either due to their throats getting slit by kite strings, or falling from terrace, or in road accidents while trying to catch a kite.

In the last two days 92 calls were for persons injured by thread, 34 people had fallen from terrace while flying kites, 820 accidents were reported while people were catching kites.

Ahmedabad city received 206 emergency calls, Rajkot 75, Vadodara 76 and Surat 134 calls, seeking ambulance services for injured due to falling from terrace, injuries by thread and clashes.

The data shared by Ahmedabad's two government hospitals states that in the last two days 40 people were admitted of which eight had suffered injuries because of falling from terrace, six were injured by thread.

Three-year-old Krishna Thakor of Visnagar died because she suffered severe injury by the thread, Rajkot's Risabh Verma (6), Bhavnagar's Kirti Yadav (2.5 year) and an eight-year-old boy in Bharuch were killed by the sharp thread of kites.


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