Bengal: Leaving BJP, actor Joy Banerjee tells PM Modi
Joy BanerjeeIANS (File photo)

Bengal: Leaving BJP, actor Joy Banerjee tells PM Modi

Kolkata, November 6, 2021

The exodus from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) continues in West Bengal. After Rajib Banerjee, it is the turn of actor-turned-politician Joy Banerjee, who wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi informing him of his decision to leave the party.

However, Banerjee didn't make it clear whether he would join the Trinamool Congress or not.

In a two-page letter written to the Prime Minister, Banerjee said that he has been trying for the last two years to get an appointment but he failed and so he chose to write to him.

In his letter, he was critical about the party's decision to nominate Rajib Banerjee to its National Executive, noting that despite this, Rajib Banerjee left the part.

Wishing the Prime Minister "Happy Diwali", the actor-turned-politician wrote: "I have been trying for the last two years to meet you but I was not given an appointment. I have asked for medical funds several times but I did not get anything. In 2016 I was made the National Executive Member but this year I was left out. and Rajib Banerjee was included. He (Rajib Banerjee) joined TMC."

"I joined BJP in 2016 and have been working for the party since then. I was even beaten by the goons during my campaign for the party. Unfortunately, despite my efforts, I was treated as an outsider. My security guards were withdrawn and I was neglected. I told you all thise at Kalaikunda airport in 2016. Ten days later you made me the National Executive Member. Now I want to leave BJP and so I need your permission. Please allow me to leave."

Banerjee, who has been critical of the state BJP leadership for long, said that he had never believed in corruption.

"I was in a position where I could have earned a lot but the police never came to my house. The central leadership knows this and so they love me. I was ill and now I am recovering slowly. I shall decide my future once I am physically fit. Now I want to shred my ties with the party," he said.

BJP national Secretary Rahul Sinha said: "Anyone has the right to leave the party but one thing I must admit that we failed to stand beside him. This is true. We should have stood beside him when he was in trouble."


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