Union Home Minister Amit Shah inaugurating the campus of NSG Regional Hub, at Kolkata on March 1, 2020. The DG, NSG, Anup Kumar Singh is also seen.
Union Home Minister Amit Shah inaugurating the campus of NSG Regional Hub, at Kolkata on March 1, 2020. The DG, NSG, Anup Kumar Singh is also seen.

Shah tells NSG to reduce time for eliminating terrorist threats

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Kolkata, March 1, 2020

Union Home Minister Amit Shah today told the National Security Guard (NSG) that it was important to reduce the time taken for eliminating a terrorist threat and called for a change in the training policy, infrastructure, response strategy, technology and the priority of the jawans in the training.

Inaugurating the National Security Guard (NSG) Regional Hub campus here, he appreciated the preparedness levels of the NSG to keep up Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision of zero tolerance towards terrorism and eliminating them with minimum collateral damage.

He also encouraged the force to keep evolving with the changing threat scenario, update its skills and capabilities continuously, so as to bring down the response time towards any challenge.

"The mere presence of NSG must be a deterrent enough for those who think of spreading terror and harm the unity and integrity of the nation," he said.

“Historically, India has never been an aggressor; we want world peace, yet we will not allow anyone to disturb India's peace, unity and integrity," Shah said.

After the surgical strike and the Balakot airstrikes the world recognises the fact that India has a bold leadership that would not let even a drop of its soldiers' blood go waste, he said.

Under the leadership of Modi, Indian security forces have displayed their capability to strike deep inside enemy territory to avenge any act of terror against the country, which hitherto was only displayed by US and Israel. This government has given the country a long awaited and well-defined proactive security policy that is distinct from its foreign policy, he said.

Shah said the new hub was an important step in the direction of giving adequate facilities to the brave NSG jawans so that they can function unhindered in ensuring the security of the nation.

He also participated in the foundation stone laying ceremony of various welfare projects for NSG, amounting to over Rs. 245 crore, across Kolkata, Manesar, Chennai and Mumbai.

The state-of-the-art regional hub complex at Kolkata, worth over Rs.162 crores, will have residential and non-residential complexes to house 460 persons and families, office accommodation and modern training facilities such as Baffle firing range, indoor shooting range, obstacles, swimming pool, sports complex and artificial rock craft wall etc.

The complex will be a model regional hub of the NSG, which will help in honing the professional acumen of the NSG commandos and also contribute significantly in capacity building of the first responders, the police forces of the States.

The hub will cover West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand and the entire North East. The Kolkata hub, hitherto functioning from the Kolkata airport, is the fourth to have permanent infrastructure after Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad.

Apart from the inaugurating Regional Hub, Kolkata the Home Minister also inaugurated the 120 family quarters at Training Centre, Manesar; Explosive Magazine built at NSG Hyderabad Hub; and laid foundation stones for the construction of family quarters at Regional Hub Chennai and Mumbai.

The newly created infrastructure will improve the housing satisfaction and enhance operational as well as training capabilities, he said.

Shah assured the force that, under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, all expectations of NSG from the Central Government would be fulfilled in the next five years.

The government would put in place an efficient system that would fulfil all the needs of the force, whether it is related to the training modules for the officers for keeping them abreast with latest technology available globally and modus operandi of terrorist organizations; provision of modern technology, arms and equipment and family welfare, among others, he said.

"Ever since its inception, NSG jawans have given supreme sacrifice to secure the nation from all terrorist threats and have been successful in instilling confidence in the people. The NSG commando has become synonymous with a 'sense of security' for the citizens of India, by dedicating each second of his valuable life for securing the nation," he said.

The Home Minister reassured the force that it is a prime priority of the government to ensure the welfare of the soldier and his family. It has initiated various schemes for the welfare of the security forces, like one rank one pension, which has led to improvement in the satisfaction ratio of the security personnel.

The government is putting in place a well-designed policy that will ensure that the jawans spend at least 100 days in a year with their family. A time-bound programme is to be implemented to upgrade the facilities for the jawans at the place of their posting, which is being monitored by the Home Minister.

He promised that the determination of the jawans in securing the nation would be reciprocated in letter and spirit by the Modi government through securing their family's future, he added.

Earlier, DG, NSG, Anup Kumar Singh said NSG has conducted joint exercises with USA and France as part of its capacity building efforts. The force has countered 115 terrorists and has been awarded 3 Ashok Chakras, 2 Keerti Chakras, 4 Shourya Chakras, 115 Police medals, which stand as a testimony to the NSG’s competence.

NSG is a world class ‘zero error’ force and can counter any kind of attack in minimum response time. NSG, which comprises personnel of the Indian Army and CAPFs, has multi-dimensional responsibility of countering terrorist attacks/hijack attempts and also providing proximate security. The NSG Hub has state of the art training facilities to train State Police Forces thereby helping in increasing their professional capabilities, he added.