Sealed borders between Delhi, neighbouring states create hurdle in movement of workers
Commuters being screened for COVID-19 at the Delhi-Noida Border during the extended nationwide lockdown imposed to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus pandemic; on April 22, 2020. IANS

Sealed borders between Delhi, neighbouring states create hurdle in movement of workers

New Delhi, April 29, 2020

To stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, inter-state borders connecting Delhi to the neighbouring states have been sealed, which is now causing problems in the movement of workers engaged on essential services.

When IANS visited the border on Wednesday, layers of barricading and security checks were being carried out and each vehicle crossing the borders was being checked thoroughly.

As strict protocols are being followed to allow entry and exit through the Delhi-Faridabad Border, many people are sent back from the border.

Speaking to IANS, Khushboo who works at Hind Labs in Delhi's R. K. Puram area, said, "We are carrying our ID cards, yet they are not allowing us to go. If this remains the case, how would we help the public at large?"

Arun, who works with Apollo Pharmacy and is engaged in supply of medicines, said he is in medical line, but is not being allowed to go to his home in Faridabad. "Our passes are not being considered. We are repeatedly told that we don't have permission. We are not being allowed to go to our homes," he said.

Another person engaged in essential services of dairy products, Narendra, said, "I am not being allowed to go to Faridabad, where I have my cattle."

Neighbouring Haryana sealed its borders recently and imposed strict restrictions on the movement of people and vehicles to and from the national capital.

"We sealed the interstate borders in order to stop the spread of COVID-19. We are allowing the essential services so that normal public does not face any inconvenience," Faridabad ACP Dhaarna Yadav told IANS.

She said trucks carrying essential supplies are being allowed and the locals have been advised to get their treatment done in nearby hospitals.

"There are many people who are roaming without any urgent reason. People should not come out of their home without any reason", she said.

"I understand that a small section of population is being inconvenienced, but we have to understand that these are challenging times for the nation. All of us should adapt ourselves to the new circumstances. There is no need to panic."


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