Scindia meets Sonia amid talk of new MP Congress chief
Jyotiraditya ScindiaIANS (File photo)

Scindia meets Sonia amid talk of new MP Congress chief

New Delhi, January 15, 2020

Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia met party president Sonia Gandhi here on Wednesday morning amid talk of a new Madhya Pradesh Congress president, the post his supporters have been pitching for since Kamal Nath took over as Chief Minister in 2018.

Sources say Congress leadership is keen on bringing Scindia to the Upper House of Parliament after he lost Lok Sabha polls in May 2019. The party leadership wants a forceful voice in Parliament as it has reduced numbers in the Lok sabha.

In Rajya Sabha, the party has veterans from Madhya Pradesh including Digvijaya Singh and the House has mostly senior leaders. To counter the BJP's narrative in the Rajya Sabha, the party has been contemplating of sending him to the House for a while.

Scindia supporters argue that apart from being a good orator like Manish Tewari in the Lok Sabha, Scindia knows the issues well and enjoys good rapport with Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi.

But Scindia supporters want him to be the PCC chief, a move opposed by senior leaders including Digvijaya Singh.

After Rahul Gandhi's resignation from party president, Jyotiraditya Scindia had also resigned from the post of general secretary in-charge of UP West, taking moral responsibility for the defeat.


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