Science, technology have totally changed people's lives: Nobel laureate John Gurdon

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Mysuru, January 5, 2016

Science and technology have totally changed people's lives in less than half a decade, says Nobel laureate Prof John B Gurdon, citing the example of rapid advancements in communication technology.
“Communication today is almost instantaneous, and this is the contribution of science and technology to the world," he said at the inauguration of 23rd Rashtriya Kishore Vigyanaik Sammelan (Children Science Congress) at the Indian Science Congress at the University of Mysore here yesterday.
Prof Gurdon had won the Nobel Prize for Medicine 2012 along with Prof Shinya Yamanka for their pioneering work in stem cell research.
Explaining various developments in science, he said there was a time when people used to communicate through post, but today communication has become “spontaneous and almost instantaneous”.
Right from television to genetically modified crops one can see enormous development in the field of Science. Science and technology have completely changed the lives of people and these innovations are the best examples, he opined.
During First World War, people died due to flu and discovery of antibodies to fight this disease was the greatest contribution of science and technology. Cars today can be driven without drivers and small piece of skin can be cultured to become different parts of the body. So much has happened in the past 50 years that one could even enjoy thinking about the innovations that can happen in the next 50 years, he said.
Philanthropy should also be a concern, as different universities could provide education to the young and needy, he added.
In his keynote address, Vice Chancellor of Mysore University K S Rangappa said young scientists were cutting all barriers like caste, creed and colour in coming up with innovations. On the occasion, a monthly newsletter, 'Billion Beats', in memory of former President A P J Abdul Kalam, was released which carried articles written by children across the country.
Infosys ISCA Travel Awards were given to students who excelled in an essay competition conducted by NCSTC, Jahawar Navodaya and NCERT. Five students from Karnataka and five students from other parts of the country got the awards.