Road Transport Ministry notifies regulations for tyres, safety glass, external projections under CMVR

New Delhi, July 25, 2020

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has made some amendments in the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 (CMVR) and notified the regulations for tyres, safety glass, external projections and the like.

An official press release said the amendments are on the specification for the tyre pressure monitoring system ( TPMS) for vehicles up to a maximum mass of 3.5 tonnes which monitors the inflation pressure of the tyre or its variation, while the vehicle is running and transmits the information to the driver, thereby providing advance information to the driver and enhancing road safety.

Tyre Repair Kit has been prescribed as during a tyre puncture (tubeless tyre), with the use of repair kit, the sealant poured into the tyre along with the air seals the punctured spot in the tyre tread, it said.

The requirement of the additional tyres has been done away with in such vehicles if provided with the tyre repair kit and TPMS has been provided. This is as per the international standards which will enable more space which may accommodate batteries for EVs, and so on, the release said.

Inclusion of safety glazing conforming to standards has been prescribed as an option to safety glass. However, the percentage of visual transmission of light for the front and rear windows (70%) and side windows (50%) shall be the same for the safety glass on the glass with safety glazing.

At present, two-wheeler stands are not regulated and do not have harmonised requirements for which AIS Standards have been prescribed.

Further, no standard was available for two-wheeler External Projections requirements under CMVR which have now been prescribed to reduce lacerations to the pedestrian as well as rider in case of contact with the moving vehicle, the standard prescribes that all the points of contact with the testing device shall have a minimum prescribed radius or made up of soft material.

Also, standard is notified for two-wheeler footrest requirements.

A provision has been made to allow the pillion rider in the two-wheeler, in case a lightweight container is placed behind the pillion rider space, provided the criteria for dimensions and the gross vehicle weight (as specified by the vehicle manufacture and approved by the testing agency) are met.

The specifications also cover the mechanical coupling for agriculture tractor as an optional item if provided.


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