Post COVID-19 order will be about relearning, rethinking, re-innovating and reinventing, says Modi
Prime Minister Narendra ModiFile photo

Post COVID-19 order will be about relearning, rethinking, re-innovating and reinventing, says Modi

New Delhi, December 5, 2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emphasised that the post-COVID-19 order will be about re-learning, rethinking, re-innovating and reinventing.

Delivering the keynote address at the IIT-2020 Global Summit through a video conference on Friday, the Prime Minister said the Government was fully committed to the principle of "Reform, Perform, Transform". He stressed that there was no sector left out from the ambit of reforms.

“India is witnessing a sea change in the way it works. Things we thought could never happen are being delivered at great speed. Let me give a small example from a field you know well. Earlier, when IITs produced aero-space engineers, there was not a strong domestic industrial eco-system to employ them. Today, with our historic reforms in the space sector, the last frontier before humanity has opened up to Indian talent,” the Prime Minister said.

“That's why new space tech startups are coming up every day in India. I am sure some of you will boldly go where none have gone before! Cutting edge and innovative work are happening across many sectors in India. Ours is a Government fully committed to the principle of 'Reform, Perform, Transform'," he added.

“There is no sector left out of our reforms. Agriculture, Atomic Energy, Defence, Education, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Finance, Banking, Taxation. The list goes on. We have brought path-breaking reforms in the labour sector, assimilating 44 Union labour laws into just 4 codes. Our corporate tax rate is one of the lowest in the world.

“A few weeks ago, the Indian Cabinet cleared a path-breaking Production Linked Incentive Scheme in ten key sectors. This decision was taken to enhance exports as well as manufacturing.

“The sectors include Battery, Electronics, Pharma, Automobiles, Telecom, Solar energy and others. Each of these sectors is related to technology. These are opportunities waiting to be utilised,” he added.

Even in these testing times of COVID-19, India has got record investment and much of this investment has come in the tech sector, the Prime Minister said.

He noted that several innovations came out during the pandemic from a collaboration between the industry and academia.

The Prime minister said the collective force of the PanIIT movement can add momentum to the dream of becoming an Aatmnirbhar Bharat or self-reliant India. He called the Diaspora as India’s Brand Ambassadors whose voice was critical in ensuring that the world understood India's view-points in the right spirit.

Talking about the 75th anniversary of India's independence in 2022, Modi urged the PanIIT movement to set an even higher benchmark on "Giving back to India.'' He asked them to share their ideas and inputs on how the country could mark 75 years of freedom.

He noted that a culture of hackathons was developing in India in recent times and at these events, young minds were giving outstanding solutions to national and global problems.

“The Government is working with many countries in South East Asia and Europe to ensure that our youngsters get an international platform to showcase their skills and learn from best practices globally,” he said.

India hosted the Vaibhav Summit on October 2 which brought together top-quality talent in the fields of science and innovation. This summit set the tone for future collaborations in science and innovation, he added.


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