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Smriti Irani sends legal notice to Congress over 'malicious allegations' against daughter

New Delhi, July 24, 2022

Union Minister Smriti Irani on Sunday sent legal notice to the Congress and its senior leaders Pawan Khera, Jairam Ramesh and Netta D'Souza over their "malicious allegations" against her daughter and asked them to tender a written unconditional apology.

She also asked them to withdraw the allegations they have made against her 18-year old daughter with immediate effect.

The notice, sent through her lawyer, said that these allegations have been made with the knowledge of their falsity, or at least in careless disregard of the truth.

"The false allegations were intended to hurt the reputation of our client as a minister and a person in public life, and also to outrage her modesty and that of her daughter. These are serious offences under the Indian Penal Code and also a tort making the addressees liable to penal damages.

"In the circumstances as mentioned hereinabove, we hereby call upon addressees to tender a written unconditional and unequivocal apology forthwith not later than 24 hours from the receipt of this notice, which should be widely disseminated in print media and on social media.

"Unconditionally withdraw the allegations with immediate effect and cause to remove all such false information from all platform(s) disseminating the allegations, including but not limited to the allegations.

"Cease and desist from disseminating any content whatsoever, arising out of or in any connection with the allegations and/or similar content thereto in respect of our client and her daughter, Zoish Irani. Ensure that all the record of the allegations is permanently deleted and the same is never disseminated re-circulated in future," the legal notice read.

In case of failure to act as mentioned above, Irani would be constrained to initiate appropriate civil and criminal proceedings against them, the notice warned.

On Saturday, the Congress had in a press conference alleged that restaurant 'Silly Souls Cafe and Bar' run by Irani's daughter in Goa, got its excise licence fraudulently.

Irani termed the allegations "malicious".


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