Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addressing a rally in Delhi, on September 4, 2022.
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addressing a rally in Delhi, on September 4, 2022.

Since BJP has come to power, hate and fear on rise in India: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, September 4, 2022

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi attacked the BJP-led Central government here on Sunday and said fear and hate were on the rise in the country since the party came to power.

"The condition of the country is known to all. Since the BJP came to power, hate, violence and fear are on the rise in the country," he said in his address at the 'Mehngai Par Halla bol rally' at Ramlila Maidan on Sunday,

"Hate is the incarnation of fear. The hate takes shape in those who fear something. Those who don't fear have no sense of hate," Rahul Gandhi said.

Elaborating further, he asked about the types of fears that were rising in India -- "The fear for future, fear of rising prices and the fear of rising unemployment," the Congress leader said.

"The hate divides the society leading to weakening of the country. The BJP and RSS are involved in dividing the society, deliberately creating hate and fear in the country.

"In the last 8 years since when the saffron party came to power, the farmers, Dalit, poor, small scale industries, labourers, have got nothing. Only two industrialists are getting all the advantage.

"If you ask the rest of India's industrialists, they will also say the same thing, that only two industrialists are getting the whole advantage," Gandhi said.

The Congress leader also hit out at the media, alleging that the whole media belongs to only those two industrialists and they show what they like. "Media scares the country which creates the sense of hatred among the countrymen. That gives the advantage to the BJP and later the party returns it to them," he alleged.

Talking about unemployment in the country, Gandhi said that even these two industrialists cannot give employment to the whole youth of the country. It is small scale industry and agriculture that gives employment in the country, but unfortunately the Modi government has broken their backbones and their spirit.

"The credit for what the country faces today on the economic and other front goes to the irresponsible Modi government. But we will not step back from our responsibility. We will work together with the poor and deprived people of the country and will be their voice.

"Unemployment will rise in the coming days. On the one hand, India faces the highest unemployment and on the other hand the sky rocketing prices are touching every Indian," said Gandhi.

Talking about the Congress Bharat Jodo Yatra, he said, "Media doesn't listen to us. Even in Parliament we are not allowed to speak on any issues. So we have left with just one option -- to go directly among the people, to connect with them and raise their concerns."

"The Congress party has always stood with citizens of the country, raised their voice and fought their fight and will continue to do so till the tyrannical forces ruling the nation today get defeated," Gandhi said.


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