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Opposition protest against GST hike forces adjournment of LS, RS till 2 pm

New Delhi, July 19, 2022

Proceedings in both Houses of Parliament were adjourned till 2 p.m. after the Opposition members continued to protest demanding discussion on GST rate hike, price rise, Agnipath scheme and other issues.

Earlier in the day, the Congress had staged a demonstration at the Gandhi statue on the Parliament premises.

Soon after the Rajya Sabha met, Leader of Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge and other opposition members gave notices under rule 267 for suspension of business to discuss the issues which were rejected.

As members continued to press for discussion, Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu adjourned the House till 2 p.m.

Congress MP Jairam Ramesh said: "Today the Opposition got the Rajya Sabha adjourned till 2 p.m. on the issues of price rise and increase in GST especially on food items on which the Modi Sarkar is unwilling to debate."

Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) MP Manoj Jha gave the notice to discuss the "disastrous implications" of the Agnipath scheme as well as the denial of aspirants (in different categories) in waiting lists by RRBS.

"It is in this context that I reiterate my request to you to invoke Rule-267 so that the House can have a discussion and sympathetic collective opinion on the matters shared above," he said.

Congress' Deepender S. Hooda also gave a notice under the same rule in the Upper House on the Agnipath scheme.

In Lok Sabha, Congress MP Manickam Tagore gave the adjournment notice to "discuss imposition of 5 per cent GST on essential commodities which would affect every common citizen, especially the poor and to direct the Government to withdraw the decision of levying GST from essential commodities."

When the ruckus continued unabated, both the Houses were adjourned till 2 p.m.


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