Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera
Congress spokesperson Pawan KheraIANS (File photo)

Congress questions govt's silence over drug seizure at Mundra port in Gujarat

Gandhinagar, September 30, 2021

Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera on Thursday questioned the silence of Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the 30,000 kg heroin seized from Gujarat's Mundra Port and has asked for an impartial probe into the matter.

Addressing media at the Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan in Ahmedabad, Khera said, "Addiction for drugs is the biggest challenge the country is facing right now. The kingpin behind the drug racket which sends the youth of the country down the drain should be arrested immediately. The continuous unloading of narcotics at Mundra port points to a dangerous syndicate behind it. The country will never forgive those who are pushing the youth of the country into the stranglehold of drugs. People should come out on the streets to topple such people in power."

"The Congress has been and will continue to constantly struggle against this for the sake of the youth and for the country. Right now the Congress is, on the one hand, fighting against a government whose mentality is undemocratic and, on the other hand, fighting against the drug dealers bringing thousands of illegal drugs into the country," said Khera.

Khera also questioned the silence of Union Home minister Amit Shah. "He is constantly seen busy in election campaigning and rallies, whereas the security of the country and youth is more important then winning elections. Large quantities of drugs is being unloaded in the country and the Union Home Minister is running away from answering this," said Khera.

"Congress has always fought the battle for youth, women, poor and the workers. The party struggled to free the country, and today it is struggling against those who are in power. There were many who while joining hands with the British or writing letters to them during the freedom struggle, enjoyed the privileges coming from the power," said Khera.

"Since the past 18 months, the regular post of the director of Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) is vacant. Who is behind this vacancy? Who is stopping this post to be filled on a regular basis? It is the duty of the Narcotics Control Bureau to seize the drug consignment from the Adani Mundra Port, whereas it was seized by the DRI," asked Khera.

Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) president Amit Chavda said, "Gujarat is a border state and and shares an extremely sensitive border area with Pakistan, despite that the central government has proved to be a failure in providing security to it. The BJP government always talks about border security but when it comes to providing it, it does nothing."


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