Brijesh Kalappa
Brijesh KalappaIANS (File photo)

Brijesh Kalappa quits Congress in Karnataka

Bengaluru, June 1, 2022

Senior Karnataka Congress leader Brijesh Kalappa on Wednesday resigned from the membership of the party.

"Even at the worst of times for the party in the aftermath of 2014 and 2019 debacles, I have never felt enervated and lacking in energy and enthusiasm. But, in the recent past I have been finding myself lacking in passion, while my own performance has been listless and perfunctory," he stated.

"It is under these circumstances that I am left with little option but to resign from the primary membership of the Indian National Congress and to end an association that began in 1997," he said.

"At the outset I wish to offer my heartfelt thanks to you (Sonia Gandhi) for the several opportunities you provided to me. If I am recognized as a familiar face in all parts of this extraordinarily large nation- it is indeed thanks to your patronage," he said.

"It is again thanks to your blessings that I was appointed as Legal Advisor to Government of Karnataka with rank of Minister."

"I have been representing the party on Hindi, English and Kannada channels since the UPA years in 2013- for almost a decade and have clocked 6497 debates. Besides, the party has been regularly assigning political work to me which I have performed to the best of my satisfaction," he explained.

"Regarding TV debates, I have done my very best at all times and have never ever appeared without adequate preparation for any debate," he said.


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