OCare launches platform for dentists, insured patients

Mumbai, February 22, 2017

Ocare, an independent Insurance Process as a Service (IPAAS) platform, has launched an integrated and improved website aiming to connect empanelled dentists and insured patients on a single digital platform.
“While insurance has been around for many years now, dental insurance is a new concept in India," Dr. NeerajSheth, founder & CEO, OCare, said.
"With low oral health in India and the growing costs of dental treatments, Dental Insurance is a must to maintain dental hygiene in the country. We aim to provide the best product coupled with a seamless engagement of a dentist with his patient," he said.
“Besides choosing OCare's wide list of empanelled dentists to take care of their dental needs, patients can access their dental history at any time they want. For dentists too, this is a boon as they will be able to better recommend a course of treatment based on their history,” added Ravi Kikan, COO, OCare.
A press release from OCare said the website had been designed to provide easy navigation and information flow for Ocare’s products and services for customers as well as dentists.
"Dental Insurance is a completely new concept and there are quite a few queries on what dental insurance is and how the entire process works right from when a patient enters the clinic, the dentist outlining their treatment plan to details of the claim reimbursement process. All these questions are answered in an easy 4-step process in the ‘How it Works section’ of the website," the release said.
Further questions about dentist empanelment, insurance coverage and turnaround time are answered in the Help/FAQ section to assist both prospective patients and dentists. The terms and condition section on the website clearly outlines the treatments covered, exclusions and costs.
Once a dentist registers with OCare, he can enter all the details related to his practice, treatment and costs. He can use the scheduler to manage his appointments and patients. Dentists will also use this platform to enter details related to the treatment plan, costs and sharing an OPG of the decayed tooth and the tooth post treatment. This also ensures all dental records are maintained digitally and can be accessed at any time, it said.
Patients can use this platform to book appointments at a preferred dentist based on location and convenience. They can view their medical and treatment history and most importantly use it for their dental insurance claim process, it said.
According to the release, Ocare brings to patients dental insurance for the first time in India. It covers existing conditions, has no waiting period, offering a sum assured of Rs. 25,000 per annum covering dental treatments over a location independent dental network. 
"OCare offers a host of benefits for a nominal premium for Rs. 1699. OCare is currently offered as a group insurance to corporates, schools, colleges, and organizations with a member-strength of more than 50," it said.
Other product highlights include an oral hygiene kit, loyalty card with points redeemable for dental services and bi-annual dental check-ups.

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