NIC condemns communal violence, resolves to deal firmly with culprits

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New Delhi, September 23, 2013

The National Integration Council (NIC) today condemned violence in any form committed to disturb communal harmony and to deal with all those indulging in such violence in a prompt and resolute manner under the law.
At its 16th meeting here, the NIC also resolved to take all measures to preserve, sustain and strengthen the harmonious relationship between all communities and enable all citizens to lead their lives in freedom as equal citizens with dignity and honour.
The meeting resolved that the Government and all stakeholders shall take all measures for resolving differences and disputes among the people within the framework of law and institutions set up thereunder in order to strengthen our secular and pluralistic society.
The council also unanimously resolved to condemn the repeated atrocities on the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, and take stringent action on the perpetrators of such crimes under the various laws and special acts enacted.
It decided to work indefatigably for their complete integration with the rest of the society on equal terms.
The council resolved to eradicate the dehumanizing practice of manual scavenging and other forms of undignified labour and ensure for the people engaged in this practice alternate forms of employment that assures a life of dignity and honour for them.
The meeting condemned the sexual abuse, molestation and violent attacks on women and to ensure prompt and firm action against the culprits by the law enforcement agencies as well as speedy prosecution of such cases under the criminal justice system.
It resolved to ensure that all women enjoy the fruits of freedom, to pursue their social and economic development with equal opportunities, and to safeguard their right of movement in the public space at any time of the day or night.