New Navy chief wants force to follow contemporary social practices


New Delhi, June 4, 2019

The new Navy chief Admiral Karambir Singh's first diktat to the force said that a modern fighting force should follow contemporary social and ceremonial practices towards optimization of resources.
He has listed dos and don'ts to be followed which included that only senior sailors will be deputed as liaison officers during the visits of chief of naval staff and no standby cars will be used. 
He said use of the third person in addressing senior officers will be discontinued and full title of senior officers need not be used repeatedly in speeches.
"Refreshments/meals should be simple and devoid of ostentation. Same standard of drinks/eats/cutlery/crockery should be there for all ranks attending the same function," said the Admiral who took over on May 31.
He has also discontinued the practice of deploying women and children for receiving dignitaries and said there was no need for clapping/ cheering/applause or fawning gestures during such occasions.

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