Navy carries out humanitarian assistance, disaster relief exercises

New Delhi, February 10, 2015

The Indian Navy carried out large-scale Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) exercises, involving more than 20 ships from the Western and Eastern Fleet and various aircraft of the Indian Navy, yesterday in the Lakshadweep Islands region, including Karavati, Aggatti, Kalpeni and Androth.
An official press release said the exercise simulated a major cyclone striking the Lakshdweep Islands and disrupting essential services, causing widespread destruction of property, loss of life and dislocation of personnel, and was designed to validate the Indian Navy’s capability to provide immediate succour and relief to the affected populace. 
The exercise involved setting up medical camps, provision of food, shelter from the elements, restoration of basic facilities and limited restoration work till the situation stabilised.
The release said the Navy had the inherent capacity and capability to reach outlying islands and coastal areas, with relief and rehabilitation material and continuously prepares for this task.
"This exercise will further underscore the nation’s capabilities in being the ‘first responder’ in the region during times of humanitarian crises," it said.
The exercise covered an area of approximately 8000 square miles in the Indian Ocean, the release added.

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