Modi to lay foundation stone for nine highway projects worth over Rs 14,000 crore in Bihar
Prime Minister Narendra Modi File photo

Modi to lay foundation stone for nine highway projects worth over Rs 14,000 crore in Bihar

New Delhi, September 20, 2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lay the foundation stone of nine highway projects in Bihar through video conference tomorrow.

He will also inaugurate optical fibre internet services connecting all the 45,945 villages of the State.

The nine highway projects involve a road length of about 350 kilometres at an estimated cost of Rs 14,258 crore, an official press release said here today.

These roads will enhance better connectivity, convenience and economic growth in and around the State. Movement of people and goods will also improve substantially, especially with the neighbouring States of Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand, it said.

Modi had declared a special package for significant infrastructure development of Bihar in the year 2015. These included 75 projects worth Rs 54,700 crore, of which 13 projects have been completed, work was on at 38 and others were in the DPR/bidding/sanction stages, the release said.

With the completion of these projects, all rivers in Bihar will have bridges conforming to 21st-century specifications and all major National Highways will be widened and strengthened.

Under the PM’s package, the total number of bridges over the river Ganga will be 17, with a lane capacity of 62. This way, on an average, there will be a bridge over the rivers in the State at every 25 km.

The projects include four-lane conversion of 47.23 km Bakhtiyarpur-Rajauli section of NH-31 at Rs 1149.55 crore, 50.89 km Bakhtiyarpur-Rajauli section of NH-31 at Rs 2650.76 crore and 54.53 km Ara-Mohania section of NH-30 on EPC Mode at Rs 885.41 crore.

These also include four-lane conversion of 60.80 km Ara-Mohania section of NH-30 on EPC Mode at Rs 855.93 crore, of 49 km Narenpur-Purnea Section of NH-131A on HAM Mode at Rs 2288 crore, six-lane conversion of the 39 km Patna-Ring Road (Kanhauli-Ramnagar) of NH 131G on EPC Mode at Rs 913.15 crore.

A new 14.5 km four-lane bridge (Parallel to existing MG Setu) with its approaches across river Ganga on NH-19 at Patna will be built at Rs 2926.42 crore, a new 28.93 km 4-lane bridge across the river Kosi on NH-106 with 2-lane paved shoulder on EPC mode at Rs 1478.40 crore and a new 4.445 km 4-Lane bridge (parallel to existing Vikramashila Setu) across river Ganga on NH-131B at Rs 1110.23 crore.

The prestigious optical fibre cable project covering all 45,945 villages of Bihar will enable a digital revolution to reach the farthest corners of the State, the release said.

This project will be executed by combined efforts of the Department of Telecom, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology and Common Service Centres (CSC).

CSC has 34,821 centres throughout the length and breadth of the State. They will utilise this workforce to not only implement this project but also make it professionally-run to provide Optical Fibre Internet Services for common citizens at every village of Bihar.

The project would also entail implementation of 1 wi-fi and 5 free of cost connections to Government Institutions like Primary Schools, Anganwadi Centres, Aasha Workers, Jeevika Didi, and so onn, it said.

"This project will lead digital services like e-Education, e-Agriculture, Tele-Medicine, Tele-law and other social security schemes to be easily available to all citizens of Bihar at the click of a button," the release added.


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