Modi says to give his social media accounts to "inspiring" women for a day
Narendra Modi File photo

Modi says to give his social media accounts to "inspiring" women for a day

New Delhi, March 3, 2020

A day after creating suspense by announcing he is mulling over quitting all social media platforms, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said this Women's Day (March 8), he will give away all his social media accounts to "inspiring" women, for a day.

"This Women's Day, I will give away my social media accounts to women whose life & work inspire us. This will help them ignite motivation in millions," he said on Twitter.

Urging all women to share their stories so they can take control of his social media accounts for a day, he added,"Are you such a woman or do you know such inspiring women? Share such stories using #SheInspiresUs."

So, how do you tell the Prime Minister your story, if you think you are the one? You can tweet or post it on his Facebook or Instagram timeline. One can also shoot a short video and post it on Youtube using the hashtag.

Every Women's Day, PM modi follows few women on Twitter. But this year, he seems to go a step further.

On Monday late evening, Modi created a sense of suspense after he tweeted: "This Sunday, thinking of giving up my social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube. Will keep you all posted." He has 52.3 million followers on Twitter alone.

Soon after his post, "No Sir" started to trend on top, urging him to reconsider his decision.


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