Modi says new decade important for bright future of India
Prime Minister Narendra ModiFile photo

Modi says new decade important for bright future of India

New Delhi, January 29, 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said the new decade would be very important for the bright future of India and presented a golden opportunity to the nation to fulfil fast the dreams seen by the freedom fighters.

Speaking to journalists as he arrived at Parliament House for its Budget Session, which he pointed out was the first session of the new decade, he said there should be proper utilisation of the period.

"Therefore, there should be discussions andpresentation of different views for meaningful results keeping in mind this entire decade. These are the expectations of the country.

"I am sure that the hope and expectation with which the people of the country have sent all of us to Parliament, we will not shy away from contributing to fulfill the aspirations of the people, by making full use of this sacred place of Parliament and following all the propriety of democracy. I have full faith that all the MPs will make this session more productive.

"This is also a Budget Session. Perhaps, for the first time in the history of India it has happened that our Finance Minister had to present four-five mini-budgets as separate packages in 2020. That is, the series of mini budgets continued in a way in 2020. And I am confident that this budget will also be seen as a part of the series of those four-five budgets," he said.

"Once again, I along with all the MPs of both the Houses are committed and will strive to further the message of the Hon’ble President under his guidance," he added.


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