Modi says collective responsibility of all parties to ensure effective functioning of Parliament

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New Delhi, February 22, 2015

Naidu says all parties want smooth functioning of Parliament
Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that it was the collective responsibility of all parties and leaders to ensure the effective functioning of Parliament so that it can fulfil the hopes and aspirations of the people.
Addressing an all-party meeting here on the eve of the Budget Session of Parliament beginning tomorrow, he said people of the country were looking at the session with a lot of hopes and expectations.
The meeting was convened by the Government for consultations on the business before both Houses of Parliament during the session.
Mr Modi assured the leaders of various parties that all the issues and concerns raised by them would be discussed in an appropriate manner keeping in view their importance and priority. He expressed the hope that there would be a collective effort during the Budget session in the interest of the common man.
He spent more than an hour at the meeting, listening to the points made by various leaders, and later had lunch with them.
In his opening remarks, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs M Venkaiah Naidu gave detailes of the 44-item agenda of the Government for the Budget session including financial, legislative and non-legislative business. He said that of the six Ordinances to be converted into Acts of Parliament by April 5, 2015, there has been a broad consensus on five of them relating to citizenship for overseas Indians, introduction of e-rikshaws, and allocation of coal blocks and non-coal mines through open bidding. 
On the insurance ordinance, he said that, further to the suggestion of opposition parties, a Select Committee of Rajya Sabha had been set up and it had submitted its report which amounts to a broad view of the House.
Mr Naidu said the government was willing to address concerns, if any, on the Land Acquistion Ordinance. 
“Several state governments cutting across party lines have expressed difficulties in land acquisiton for development projects under the Act of 2013 and sought modifications. Subsequently, the central government sought to facilitate land acquistion for notified puposes like infrastructure and affordable housing projects etc., in an easy manner without compromising on the remuneration to be paid to farmers and rehabilitation measures to be taken up for displaced persons. The Government is ready to address apprehensions, if any in this regard."
“I would like to assure you all that the government is always willing to sit with Opposition to resolve any differences on any issue. I don’t think there is any issue that can’t be resolved if approached with open mind. What is required is the spirit of mutual cooperation in the true spirit of Parliamentary democracy. Let us collectively strive to build a conducive environment for effective functioning of Parliament during the Budget session," he added.
More than 40 leaders from both the Houses of Parliament expressed their views with most of them highlighting the need for smooth functioning of Parliament to enable discussion on all issues of concern both for the Government and the Opposition.
Several leaders Mr Modi’s recent statement on religious freedom and right to promote one’s religion and his call for respecting all religions.
Congress leader in the Lok Sabha Mallikarjuna Kharge said, “Parliamentary democracy is all about deciding on issues through discusssion. Different parties will convey their views on Ordinances and other issues whenever taken up>"
Leader of Nationalist Congress Party Sharad Pawar said, “Budget session is important and we need to ensure smooth functioning of Parliament.”
Leaders of different parties from Tamil Nadu suggested that during the coming visit of the Prime Minister to Sri Lanka, a conducive atmosphere may be created for protecting the rights of Tamil fishermen and Tamils in Sri Lanka.
People’s representatives from Andhra Pradesh sought necessary action for fulfilling the assurances given to the state in the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act including the Special Status and Special Package for the state. TRS leaders also spoke of the need for doing the needful for the state of Telangana.
Leaders from North-East suggested that they be given sufficient time in both the Houses putting aside the principle of time allocation based on numerical strength.
Issues suggested for discussion during the ensuing Budget session  by leaders of different parties include: agrarian crisis, safety and security of women, espionage issue, communal harmony, free academic environment, passing on the benefit of declining international oil prices to public, swine flu outbreak, election reforms, price rise, natual calamities, development of North-East, and reservation for women in legislatures.

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