ISRO plans to launch eight satellites on one PSLV

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Mysuru, January 5, 2016

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is planning to launch eight micro satellites on a single Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), according to Dr. M. Annadurai, Director of ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore.
Addressing a session on the topic “Future Satellite Programme” at the plenary of the 103rd Indian Science Congress at the University of Mysore here yesterday, he said, “In this new global era where everything is becoming smaller in size and smarter in application, we are also trying to reduce the size of satellites to the extent possible."
“The vehicle configuration for PSLV of 400 km Space Shuttle Orbiter (SSO) is 1200 kg. The number of micro satellites that can be carried in single mission is eight, each weighing about 120 kg with total payload capacity 960 kg,” he added.
At present, domestic satellite communication is dominated by Fixed Satellite Services and Direct to Home Services. In the future, service growth areas will be communication satellites for internet, multi-media and personal communication services and direct to home high definition TV services, he said.
Thematic missions such as tele-medicine and tele-education, bandwidth on demand services, e-governance, secured communications and satellite-aided navigation are also expected to grow, he added.
Dr. Annadurai stressed the need for production of space systems to meet the huge demand for satellites and also to strengthen basic research and development. This will boost the increased participation of Indian industries in space programmes in the areas of electronic systems, mechanical systems, assembly, integration and testing of satellites.
“Focusing on 'Make in India' concept for end-to-end production of satellite from industries within the country would help us to achieve further self reliance,” he added.
The other resource persons at the plenary talk were Dr. Vinay K Dadhwal who briefed the gathering on the dimensions of Indian space programme and outline of Earth Observatory; Dr S K Shivakumar on the topic “Mars Orbiter Mission- overview”, Dr V Koteswara Rao on the topic “ASTROSAT- A multi wavelength Space Observatory”and Dr S Somanath on the topic “ISROs Launch Vehicles- Growth of Capability”. 
Prof D N Rao, Chennai, chaired the programme. Delegates, students and participants from various states and countries also were present.