Indian Navy, Coast Guard disrupt suspicious craft in East Arabian Sea

New Delhi, January 28, 2011

Indian Navy and Coast Guard units disrupted and chased away two skiffs who were moving suspiciously in the vicinity of a merchant vessel west of the Lakshadweep Islands this morning.

An official press release said the Navy and the Coast Guard had been mantaining a vigilant watch in the area for pirate boats in the last two months and this had helped to keep the area free of piracy incidents.

During one such aircraft surveillance sortie at 1030 hours today, a Coast Guard Dornier on routine patrol located two white skiffs in the vicinity of the merchant vessel, MV CMA CGM Berdi.

The aircraft descended and passed over the skiffs and chased them away. A mother vessel Prantalay was also sighted by the patrol aircraft in the area. MV CMA Berdi is a Bahamas flag container carrier.

Because of the timely arrival of the aircraft the merchant vessel is now safe and heading for its next port of Call in East Asia, the release said. The suspicious mother vessel Prantalay continues to be monitored by Navy and Coast Guard units.

The release said anti-piracy patrols and surveillane in the East Arabian Sea would continue to assure merchant vessels using the international shipping lanes in the Arabia Sea of their security.


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