India reports 380 more COVID-19 deaths, 10,667 new cases of infection
Hairdressers attending to customers in personal protective suits as a precautionary measure against COVID-19 at a hair salon and spa amid the phased relaxation of the nationwide lockdown imposed to contain the spread of the coronavirus, in New Delhi on June 15, 2020. IANS

India reports 380 more COVID-19 deaths, 10,667 new cases of infection

New Delhi, June 16, 2020

India today reported 380 more deaths due to coronavirus (COVID-19) and 10,667 cases of infection as the deadly viral disease continued to spread in many states across the country.

With these, the death toll has gone up to 9,900 while the total number of cases has surged to 343,091 so far.

This is the fifth consecutive day that the number of new cases of infection has exceeded 10,000 in a 24-hour period. The highest number in a single day was 11,929 recorded on June 14.

The highest number of deaths in a single day so far is 396, reported on June 12.

On the positive side, for the seventh day running, the number of patients who have recovered from the infection is more than the number of active coronavirus cases in the country.

The country is now placed fourth in the world, after the United States, Brazil and Russia, as far as the total number of cases is concerned, ahead of countries like the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Peru, France and Germany.

But it has climbed to the eighth spot, after the US, Brazil, the UK, Italy, France, Spain and Mexico, in terms of the number of deaths, ahead of countries like Belgium, Germany, Iran and Canada.

Figures released by the MoHFW this morning said that the 380 new deaths included 178 in the worst-hit state of Maharashtra, 73 in national capital Delhi, 44 in Tamil Nadu, 28 in Gujarat, 12 in Haryana, 10 in West Bengal, nine in Rajasthan, six in Madhya Pradesh, four each in Andhra Pradesh and Punjab, three each in Jammu & Kashmir and Karnataka, two in Telangana, and one each in Bihar, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh and Kerala.

This is the fifth consecutive day that India has recorded in excess of 10,000 new cases of infection and the 13th consecutive day that it has reported more than 9,000 new cases.

The country has also reported more than 200 deaths each day since the beginning of this month. This is the sixth consecutive day that the country has reported more than 300 deaths.

In Maharashtra, the new single-day high of 178 deaths has sent the toll in the state zooming past the 4,000-mark to 4,128.

The state also recorded 2,786 new patients yesterday, taking the total to 110,744, but it has a good recovery rate at 50.61 per cent.

Of the latest fatalities, Mumbai notched 68 deaths, taking the toll in the city to 2,250 while the while the total number of COVID-19 positive patients so far in the metropolis has gone up by 1,067 cases to touch 59,293.

Of the total of 9,900 deaths in India so far, Maharashtra accounted for the highest number at 4,128, followed by 1,505 in Gujarat, 1,400 in Delhi, 485 in West Bengal, 479 in Tamil Nadu, 465 in Madhya Pradesh, 399 in Uttar Pradesh, 301 in Rajasthan, 187 in Telangana, 100 in Haryana, 89 in Karnataka, 88 in Andhra Pradesh, 71 in Punjab, 62 in Jammu & Kashmir, 40 in Bihar, 24 in Uttarakhand, 20 in Kerala, 11 in Odisha, eight each in Assam, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh and Jharkhand, six in Chandigarh, five in Puducherry, and one each in Ladakh, Meghalaya and Tripura.

The total of 343,091 cases so far includes those who have died as well as 180,013 patients who have recovered, which means that the number of active cases in the country stood at 153,178 as of this morning, up just 72 from yesterday.

The number of patients who have recovered has gone up by 10,215 in the past 24 hours and the recovery rate has now gone up to 52.46%, according to the data.

Of the total of 343,091 cases so far, Maharashtra accounted for the highest at 110,744, followed by 46,504 in Tamil Nadu, 42,829 in Delhi, 24,055 in Gujarat, 13,615 in Uttar Pradesh, 12,981 in Rajasthan, 11,494 in West Bengal, 10,935 in Madhya Pradesh, 7,722 in Haryana, 7,213 in Karnataka, 6,650 in Bihar, 6,456 in Andhra Pradesh, 5,220 in Jammu & Kashmir, 5,193 in Telangana, 4,158 in Assam, 4,055 in Odisha, 3,267 in Punjab, 2,543 in Kerala, 1,845 in Uttarakhand, 1,763 in Jharkhand, 1,756 in Chhattisgarh, 1,086 in Tripura, 592 in Goa, 556 in Himachal Pradesh, 555 in Ladakh, 490 in Manipur, 354 in Chandigarh, 202 in Puducherry, 177 in Nagaland, 117 in Mizoram, 91 in Arunachal Pradesh, 68 in Sikkim, 44 in Meghalaya, 41 in Andaman & Nicobar Islands, and 36 in Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu.

The Ministry said 7,684 cases were being re-assigned to various states.


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