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Hathras' 'Nirbhaya' was killed by UP govt, says Sonia Gandhi

New Delhi, September 30, 2020

"Is it a crime to be a daughter of a poor family?" asked Congress interim President Sonia Gandhi in a video statement on the Hathras gangrape. She alleged that the issue was sought to be hushed up while referring to the victim as "Hathras' Nirbhaya".

"I want to say that Hathras' Nirbhaya did not die. She was killed by an oppressive government, by its administration, by the indifference of the Uttar Pradesh government," alleged Sonia Gandhi in a strongly-worded statement.

She alleged that while the victim did not get justice while she was alive, she was not allowed to be handed over to her family even when she was dead. Gandhi, in an emotional statement, claimed that the "crying mother" was robbed of her chance to bid a "final goodbye". The Congress chief called it an "utter sin".

"The girl's body was cremated forcefully. A person has dignity even after death. Our Hindu faith speaks of it. But that child was cremated like an orphan by the force of the police. What kind of justice is this? What kind of government is this? You think you will do anything and the nation will just watch? Absolutely not. The country will speak up against your injustice," remarked Gandhi.

She said that she on behalf of the Congress party stands with the bereaved family with their demand for justice.

The 19-year-old Dalit victim, who was gangraped and left paralysed by four upper caste men, died a fortnight after the attack in a Delhi hospital on Tuesday.


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