Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida meeting in New Delhi  on Saturday, March 19, 2022. (IANS)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida meeting in New Delhi on Saturday, March 19, 2022. (IANS)

Modi says deepening of India-Japan partnership important for both countries and entire world

New Delhi, March 19, 2022

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that further deepening of the India-Japan partnership was not only important for both the countries but would also promote peace, prosperity and stability in the Indo-Pacific region and in the entire world.

"Our mutual trust, our shared values such as our civilizational ties, democracy, freedom, and rule of law, are at the core of our relations, giving them strength," he said in a media statement after talks with visiting Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida here.

"Our discussions today have paved the way for taking our mutual cooperation to new heights," he said.

Modi said Kishida and he had exchanged views on a number of regional and global issues besides bilateral issues. They also decided to increase their coordination at the United Nations and other international fora.

Modi said India-Japan Economic Partnership has made unprecedented progress over the last several years. "There is tremendous trust, enthusiasm in the businesses of both countries. Japan is one of the largest investors in India, a world class partner," he said, adding that India was very grateful for this contribution.

He said the Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail project was progressing well. "Both the countries are working on this with the approach of 'One Team One Project'. This project is a great example of India-Japan partnership," he said.

Modi also expressed happiness that the investment target of 3.5 trillion Japanese yen set in 2014 had been exceeded.

"Now we have decided to take our ambitions to new heights and have set a new target of five trillion yen, which means about 3.2 lakh crore rupees in the coming five years," he said.

The Prime Minister spoke about the comprehensive economic reforms undertaken by India and the big leap taken by the country in ease of doing business.

"Today India presents limitless possibilities for 'Make in India for the world'," he said.

"In this context, Japanese companies have been our brand ambassadors for a long time. New dimensions are being added to the partnership between us in technology and innovation sectors. We are committed to provide a conducive environment for Japanese companies in India," he said.

Modi said the India-Japan Industrial Competitiveness Partnership Roadmap launched today would prove to be an effective mechanism for this.

"Our skills partnership with Japan will also play an effective role in this direction," he said.

The Prime Minister said both India and Japan understand the importance of secure, trusted, predictable and stable energy supply.

"It is very essential for achieving the goal of sustainable economic growth and to tackle the problem of climate change. Our Clean Energy Partnership will prove to be a decisive step in this direction.

"Today we have agreed on many other important points and announcements have been made.

Modi began by noting that Kishida was an old friend of India. "He had visited India several times as Foreign Minister, and I had the opportunity to exchange views with him. Prime Minister Kishida has played a key role in the unprecedented progress that has been seen in the India-Japan Special Strategic and Global Partnership over the last few years.

"Today's summit has been organized at a very important time. The world is still grappling with Covid-19 and its effects. The process of global economic recovery is still being hampered. Geo-political events are also presenting new challenges," he pointed out.

"This visit of Prime Minister Kishida has been successful in adding new dimensions to the India-Japan special strategic and global partnership," he added.


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