All Indian students stranded in Sumy area of Ukraine have been moved out, says Govt.

Indian students trapped in Sumy, Ukraine, making an appeal in early March for evacuation from the country invaded by Russia. (IANS/Twitter)

All Indian students stranded in Sumy area of Ukraine have been moved out, says Govt.

New Delhi, March 8, 2022

The Government today said that all Indian students who were stranded in the Sumy area of Ukraine, which is reeling under an invasion by Russia, had been moved out to safety.

"Happy to inform that we have been able to move out all Indian students from Sumy," Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said on Twitter.

"They are currently en route to Poltava, from where they will board trains to western Ukraine.

"Flights under #OperationGanga are being prepared to bring them home," Bagchi added.

Union Law & Justice Minister Kiren Rijiju, who has been sent by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Slovakia to coordinate the evacuation of Indians who cross over from Ukraine to that country, also confirmed that all Indian students had been taken out of Sumy.

"It was very worrying but finally all Indian students from Sumy have been taken out. The intervention from the highest level & effective coordination of the team at the ground have saved our young students," he said on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the Embassy of India in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, said in its latest advisory that all Indians still stranded in the country must make use of the humanitarian corridors and leave immediately.

"The Humanitarian Corridor for evacuation of stranded people has been announced in various parts of Ukraine from 1000 hours on 8 March 8, 2022. Considering the security situation, establishment of the next humanitarian corridor is uncertain.

"All stranded Indian nationals are urged to make use of this opportunity and evacuate using trains/vehicles or any other available means of transport giving due consideration to safety," the advisory said.


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