How to Earn CBAP Certification to Boost your Professional Career as Business Analyst

Bengaluru, February 4, 2022

According to the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), a Certified Business Analysis Professional or CBAP certification is a globally recognized that is required for the professional Business Analysts (BA) to identify the business needs of an organization in order to determine business solutions and is a key facilitator within an organization, and act as a scaffold between the clients, stakeholders, and the solution team.

Generally, CBAP certification is assumed as the most advanced IIBA’s core sequence of credentials, particularly for Business Analysis. It trails the Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA) and the Certification for Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA). As you would expect, the prerequisites get broader and more immense just as you climb the ladder; CBAP demands more training, work experience, knowledge area aptitude.  

Essential requirements of CBAP certification training

● A genuine aspiration to learn about Business Analysis

● No previous knowledge and experience required

● Be open-minded and willing to learn and get training

● A PC, Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone and Headphone 

● Access to Internet

The Learning Goals

● Comprehend the role of a Business Analyst

● Learn about tools and techniques and some strategies you can use as a Business Analyst

● Core ideas in Business Analysis

● Figure out how to take the initiative for your career as a Business Analyst

● Figure out how to gather, group, prioritize, and approve requirements

● Where to seek job opportunities as a Business Analyst and how much a BA earns

● Figure out how to continue learning about Business Analysis

How to earn CBAP certification

Generally, there is more than one path to earning CBAP certification. But it all relies on the time you wish to invest, your budget, your timeline for becoming certified. So, to tackle all of these parameters, there are some general steps that every individual appears to go through who aspire to be Business Analyst (BA).

1. Confirm your Business Analysis experience

Applying for the CBAP demands 5 years (about 7500 hours) of expertise in Business Analysis, as outlined by the BABOK Guide. You must also demonstrate the experience of 900 hours across a minimum of 4 out of the 6 knowledge areas. 

Various experts who have been working in a Business Analyst dimension for a long period yet have been unaware of the Business Analysis (BA) profession are usually surprised to come to know that they can also apply to appear for the CBAP certification exam. 

2. Earn suitable Professional Development Hours (PDUs)

In order to submit your CBAP application, minimum 35 documented professional development hours must be required. Generally, you will have to opt for a business analysis training course to earn professional development credit hours.

3. Prepare and submit your CBAP application

Applications are submitted to the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). There is a full-page listing of the whole CBAP certification process on their website. Besides work experience and professional development hours, you must fulfill the eligibility criteria regarding your education, which is minimum high school or equivalent, along with two references.  

4. Become intimately familiar with BABOK Guide 3.0

Becoming a CBAP depicts that you are a senior business analyst professional, as IIBA defines it through A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK). That implies preparing for the CBAP requires you to understand the overall content of the BABOK Guide and are able to pass the exam via exhibiting your knowledge and application of the material to the context of BA.

5. Schedule and pass your CBAP exam

As your application is approved, the schedule of the exam for 2-3 months out. The good thing is that you can reschedule the exam for always, or on the other hand, if you take the exam and do not pass, you can reschedule to take the exam again within the one calendar year of your application endorsement. Exam scheduling instantly assists you in keeping motivated through the home stretch. 

Take a couple of days and celebrate your success. You have earned it!

Get some advantages of CBAP certification.

Whether an individual or an organization, they all need to grow their business with effective strategies in order to supersede their competitors. And interestingly, all of this can be done via the International Institute of Business Analysis CBAP certification. It ensures improving knowledge, work performance, and more market opportunities.

So, get to know the core benefits of this certification for both individuals as well as companies or organizations.

At the Individual level

● Exhibited knowledge and whole info of the skills and abilities essential to be an influential business analyst

● The competence of a pro-level regarding the principles and the practices of business analysis 

● Participation in an acknowledged professional group

● Acknowledgment of professional accomplishment by professional peers and management

● Advanced career potential by creating a distinct and prominent career track within the informational technology (IT) industry and business community

● Exhibited the full commitment and dedication to the profession of Business Analysis

At the organizational level

● CBAPs are recognized as individuals who are more competent to perform a role that is progressively perceived as a vital constituent of any successful project.

● CBAPs can be acknowledged as a particular class of individuals with a high level of knowledge, qualification, and experience.

● CBAPs accompany established standards as drafted in IIBA Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK)

● CBAPs build reliable and quality outcomes along with escalated proficiency and consistency.

Ending Note

Once you earn the CBAP certification, you will become an elite member of the business analysis community. You will be perceived as an expert guy who can identify the business requirements of an organization to figure out business solutions. 

CBAP certified professionals are senior Business Analysts who have the capability and efficiency in performing business analysis work on projects of various complexities. Different organizations are distinguishing the CBAP designation and the value and expertise these professionals convey to their organizations.

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