Modi calls for breaking down civil-military silos to speed up decision-making
Prime Minister Narendra Modi inspecting some of the innovations by the Armed Forces, showcased in an exhibition, at the Combined Commanders’ Conference, in Kevadia, Gujarat on March 6, 2021.

Modi calls for breaking down civil-military silos to speed up decision-making

New Delhi, March 7, 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for a holistic approach for the defence forces focused on breaking down the civil-military silos and on expediting the speed of decision-making.

The Prime Minister was speaking at the valedictory session of the Combined Commanders Conference at Kevadia, Gujarat on Saturday.

He advised the Services to rid themselves of legacy systems and practices that have outlived their utility and relevance. He emphasized the need to optimise manpower planning in both military and civilian parts of the National security architecture.

The Prime Minister was briefed by the Chief of Defence Staff about the discussions. Modi expressed his appreciation for the structure and agenda of the conference, especially the inclusion of Junior Commissioned Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers at the event this year.

Speaking to the highest civilian and the military leadership of the national defence system, he lauded the dedication shown by the Indian Armed Forces over the past year, in the context of the COVID pandemic and the challenging situation on the northern border.

He stressed the importance of enhancing indigenisation in the national security system, not just in sourcing equipment and weapons but also in the doctrines, procedures and customs practised in the armed forces.

Taking note of the rapidly changing technological landscape, he highlighted the need to develop the Indian military into a "future force".

Pointing out that the country would be celebrating 75 years of its independence next year, he called upon the Armed Forces to use the occasion to undertake activities and initiatives that would inspire the youth.


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